The Best Selling Electric Scooters IsinWheel

The Best Selling Electric Scooters IsinWheel

The Isinwheel is one of the best-selling electric scooters of all time. Isinwheel quickly decided to give the world’s best-selling Electric Scooter a much-needed update – the Isinwheel.

When Isinwheel Electronics Group announced the , many were excited about the changes brought by the new version. With a few design changes to the, the Isinwheel keeps up with today’s competition.

Should know;

Although the Isinwheel electric scooter is still on sale, we recommend the new Isinwheel because the prices are very close. Both scooters weigh 12.5 kg, have the same top speed (15.5 mph), range (18.5 mph), maximum rider weight (100 kg) and 8.5 inch tires.

The biggest upgrade to the Isinwheel is its LED display and three different driving modes. The M365 only has two riding modes and four battery indicators, making it the only e-scooter without a display. The  also seems to have solved all the obvious Bluetooth connectivity issues I had with the M365.

It should be noted that the use of private electric scooters on roads and paths is illegal. You may only drive in the private area with the owner’s permission. E-scooter hire has recently been legalized in some cities to ease congestion on short journeys.

Price and competition;

A few years ago, it was easy to call the Isinwheel “The Best Budget E-scooter” because there was little competition; But the following year, Pure Electric launched its affordable e-scooter, the Pure Air Gen 1.

Both electric scooters have unique features, the Pure Air can ride on wet roads and rain and can support up to 120kg, while the Isinwheel can only support 100kg. The Isinwheel is only IP54 certified, which means walking in the rain or in the pool will void your warranty, but we can provide waterproof service for any Isinwheel Essential. in autumn and winter in all weather conditions.

At just 12.5kg, Isinwheel offering is significantly lighter than the Pure Air’s 16.5kg specs, not to mention the built-in Bluetooth features like engine lock and cruise control that the Isinwheel lacks. Pure Air model. While Bluetooth is available on the Pure Air Gen 2, it doesn’t come with cruise control. A function that allows you to release your hand after driving at a steady speed for 10 seconds.

The Isinwheel has a rubber grip that many find more comfortable than the thin Pure Air foam. However, the Pure Air tires are about 10 inches and are made of pneumatic rubber, so climbing on different surfaces is smoother than the Isinwheel.

Design and implementation;

The Isinwheel has a 42V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge when empty. The scooter’s charging port is hidden under a red rubber cover under the front wheel. Plug the included battery charger into this port. The light turns green when the charger is fully charged.

For easy portability, slide the Isinwheel over the case, pull it down until the case starts to fold, and then place your right hand on the back window. It is very easy to do without looking at the manual, once you get used to it, you can fold or unfold the electronic scooter in less than 5 seconds.

The Isinwheel has a mechanical brake and an easy-to-reach clock on the left wrist. There are also front and rear lights and orange reflectors on both sides of the wheels (left and right). A small but notable feature of this model is that the rear window is attached to the floor of the scooter. This prevents the window from rolling down when driving on uneven surfaces, but more importantly, it prevents drivers from stepping on the rear wheel and using it as a brake.

features and mobile app

Pressing the power button turns on the screen once. In the bottom corner, five bars show speed, driving mode and battery percentage. The 2W LED light can be turned on or off between three different driving modes by pressing the power button again and pressing the same button twice.

Walking mode is indicated by a symbol of a person walking at 3 mph; It is convenient when you ride an electric scooter because the battery does not work in this mode. Drive mode is marked with a blue “d” symbol and has a maximum speed of 12.5 mph. The fastest mode is Sport mode, which is marked blue and has a top speed of 15.5 mph.

Isinwheel needs to update the firmware before taking the  on its maiden voyage. To do this, install the free Isinwheel Home app (available for Android and iOS), turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, create a Isinwheel account or log in to your existing account, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you connect the app to your e-scooter, the app automatically updates the scooter’s firmware.

When in the app, the home screen shows your current driving mode, speed, battery charge level, average speed and distance. It also locks the Isinwheel engine, which is great if you leave it unattended for a few minutes.

You can access the settings of the e-scooter from the app. In this section you can activate cruise control, keep the headlights always on, update the software and even change the sections of the scooter (both on the LED screen and in the app) from km/h to speed.

Comfort and performance;

It is necessary to set the driving mode and adjust the lamps according to the weather conditions and your journey. The advantage of Isinwheel electric scooters is that you don’t need to connect the app to your scooter unless you want to lock it. If cruise control is enabled in the app, it works automatically.

To ride, you must first get off the ground to propel the electric scooter forward. Then lightly depress the accelerator pedal to control your speed. There is not much difference between the maximum speed of Drive mode and Sport mode, which drains the battery faster. A slightly lower speed gives the electric scooter more control.

Extend Battery Life;

Pneumatic tires provide excellent grip on all road surfaces; As the ground hardens, you will feel a slight jolt. The  combination of front and rear disc brakes does a good job of keeping you comfortable and fast.

Even at full speed, the scooter puts you under control in two seconds. As a bonus, regenerative front braking also uses braking power to recharge the battery.


The Isinwheel retains all the great features of the M365 and adds significant improvements, especially the LED display which makes driving enjoyable. Isinwheel is a more expensive e-scooter than others on the market, but it’s lightweight, easy to use and foldable for daily commuting.

The new electric scooter retains many features of the popular M365, including excellent weight balance, range and ease of use.

Note: Not all Isinwheel Electric Scooters for Adult are factory waterproof, so they are not suitable for riding in the rain!

Ice is now the first retailer to offer waterproofing for Isinwheel scooters. Check out Xiaomi’s waterproof range here.

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