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Earning Passive Income with Go X Platform


Are you looking for a way to earn passive income? Look no further than Go X, a platform that allows you to invest in their scooter fleet in select cities and earn a share of the profits. With over $3 million in passive income already earned by investors, it’s clear that the Go X Passive Income Platform is a reliable source of earning money without putting in active effort.

How it Works

By investing in Go X’s scooter fleet in one of their select locations, you are helping to support small businesses and promoting sustainable transportation options. Once the scooters are deployed and available for rent, you will start earning passive income each time someone rents a scooter through Go X. Go X shares 50% of the gross profit with their investors on a monthly basis, allowing you to earn money without putting in any additional work.

1.5X Your Investment

The best part? Go X promises to 1.5x your investment in 8-12 months, depending on market and seasonality. Once you have earned 1.5x your original investment, ownership of the scooters is transferred back to Go X. However, as an investor, you will have the option to reinvest and continue earning passive income.


If you are looking for a reliable way to earn passive income, Go X is a platform worth considering. By investing in their scooter fleet in select cities, you can earn a share of the profits without putting in any active effort. With over $3 million already earned by investors, it’s clear that the Go X platform is a reliable source of earning money. Visit to learn more and start investing today.

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