Five Amazing Advantages of Fibre Deals In South Africa

We’ve all heard that Fibre has a faster speed connection. How true is this? What does this mean? How does it compare to cable internet? How reliable is it? Until now our best connection for residential internet was cable. It’s great for just scrolling through the internet and surfing the internet however, it cannot keep up with the always growing internet demands.

Here are five advantages of Fibre Deals In South Africa.


Fibre has speeds of up to 1Gbps. This is 10–20 times quicker than the 50–100 Mbps speeds cable most of us are used to today. Downloading a 1 gigabyte file on fibre can take you seconds but on cable can take you anywhere between ten minutes or longer. You can get the best Fibre Deals In South Africa for amazing connections.


When you invest in internet services, you want a reliable connection. Losing connection due to weather, outages or theft can interrupt important daily activities. Your cable connection should be fast enough to support continuous use.

Fibre is made of tubes of glass that are much less susceptible to getting overloaded. These wires run through glass, so it has no value whereas cable is susceptible to theft because it has copper in it.

Zero horsepower

Ever notice that when you need power the most, it fails?  This is because copper wires can break down with time, and if electricity is still traveling through the wire, this can cause a fire.Fibre optic internet is much more reliable as it is made of tubes of glass that are much less susceptible to weather damage. These wires are not at risk of interruption compared to copper cables

The comparisons are not even close, fibre optic internet is capable of powering whole neighbourhoods at once at incredible speeds.

Improved streaming quality

You just acquired a 4K television, you want to stream all your favourite content from YouTube to playing video games online at a high quality. With Fibre you will be able to stream all your favourite content and play games in the highest quality without any buffering.

Fibre internet has upload speeds of up to 1Gbps which means there will be no trouble streaming high-definition content on multiple devices.


Fibre Deals In South Africa are not only for show; they will also make the world safer.  First responders need faster and more reliable internet to access voice, data, and video to help in lifesaving. Internet improvements have increased access to emergency services for all South Africans. Additionally, it improves national security and provides more reliable disaster notices.

Is internet service offered via fibre better? Quite simply, absolutely. It is faster and more reliable than cable or DSL internet

The future is now with fibre. Get amazing fibre deals today


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