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How to find the correct link building agencies for our business


Do you want to rank on the first page? If so, hiring a link-building agency is essential unless you have an in-house team.

But finding the right link-building agency to implement your SEO strategy takes work. Link building is unsafe with spam, ghost, broken, or no-follow links.

Backlinking is a double-edged sword. You can license your content and optimize your website for a higher search ranking. According to Backlinko’s SEO Ranking Factors report, links are the most crucial factor for ranking on Google.

But if the links could be better quality or spam, they can wreak havoc on your SEO rankings. Therefore, it is essential to build your link campaign effectively.

And that is only possible when you partner with the best link-building company. This guide will walk you through 8 easy steps to hire the right link-building agency to grow your business online. So, let’s scroll down to build some high-quality links.

Why is link-building important to your business?

Link building is connecting another website’s link to its content. Connecting a link from a high authority website to your website will increase the authority and credibility of your brand. This, in turn, helps improve your search engine rankings. 

Generate organic web traffic.

It takes work to generate consistent organic traffic to your website. It takes constant effort and marketing to attract organic traffic.

Fortunately, link building has made it easy to generate traffic and rank your website in search results. According to a Backlinko report, websites with 2-3 high-quality links rank 3.8 times higher in search engines. And it is common knowledge that a website that ranks higher generates more organic clicks.

Better lead generation

Link building is the best tool to feed leads. Helps establish your brand reputation. When people see your website on the first page, it automatically sends them a positive signal.

Also, your website gains domain authority by connecting with a high DA site. For example, when your website name or link is published on a leading website in your industry, it will help build trust and brand reputation.

Increase sales and revenue.

When more people visit your website, you have a better chance of converting them into paying customers. As a result, you can broaden your audience base and create custom marketing strategies to convert your potential customers. This will lead to improved sales and income figures in the long run.

better relationships

Link building is based on relationships. To post your links on the best websites, you must build relationships with publishers, website owners, etc. This can also help you build a strong network to grow your business and connect with potential customers.

Why hire a link-building agency?

Now that you know, link building is a website ranking factor. So why should I hire a link-building agency when I can build links on my own?

Well, folks, link-building is a complex process. You have to create networks, check the quality of the links, and manage them regularly. A broken or poor-quality link can tarnish the user experience and the business’s reputation.

In addition to this, a professional link-building company can help you with the following:

Find suitable link partners.

Not all high-DA websites are suitable for your business. You can only connect to some websites and expect to reach your target audience.

You must first understand the needs of your business and industry to find the best link-building partners.

Let’s say you have call center automation software. So partnering with Vogue fashion magazine will do you no good because your target audience is not fashion people. Instead, their people are on websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc.

Professional link-building companies like A One Sol can generate links from websites that boost their SEO rankings and target relevant potential customers.

well established networks

Networking takes time. You must wait to create a network of authors, publishers, and publishers. It takes time to build relationships with potential users in your industry.

Link-building companies already have a network built in different niches. Therefore, they can generate high-quality links faster across various business domains. This will also save your team’s networking time and speed up your marketing efforts.

Cost-effective solution

Outsourcing link-building services is more cost-effective than building an in-house team. For link building, you need to hire SEO experts and content writers and set up a separate marketing budget for paid sponsorship.

In contrast, link-building companies only charge for the service they provide. Therefore, paying content writers or different sponsors is fine. Your link-building agency will take care of everything for one cost.

Also, you don’t have to worry about managing employees. Therefore, hiring link-building agencies is helpful for small businesses to save their operating costs.

How to find the best link-building agency in 8 steps

Do you want to improve your search engine rankings? Do you want to generate organic traffic and leads? Then link building is your best solution.

According to uSERP State of Link Building, 58.1% of SEO professionals said link building is the best strategy to improve search engine rankings.

So, without further ado, let’s look at a step-by-step guide to finding the best link-building partner today:

Step 1. Alignment with your goals

Alignment is one of the essential factors you need to consider when hiring a link-building agency. The agency must understand your marketing goals and objectives to design a link-building strategy accordingly.

The agency must understand your need to build quality links to provide the right solution. Therefore, you should select agencies based on your business objectives.

It would be best if you asked the agencies basic questions like

  • Does the agency’s plan fit into your SEO strategy?
  • Can the agency deliver the work within the established deadlines?
  • Do they have an intelligent communication system to assist in real-time?
  • Can they monitor success metrics based on your business rules, such as organic traffic, number of leads, etc.?

Step 2. Do you provide a content creation service?

If link building is Batman to optimize your website, content creation is its Robin. With high-quality content, link-building is possible.

Whether it’s guest blogging or simply inserting links into your blog posts, you need the right content to connect the outbound link. According to the SERP report, the top-ranking websites on Alexa have natural linking contexts like a branded anchor, exact match, or random anchor text.

Therefore, ensure that the link-building agency you chose offers in-house content creation services. You will need more than just inserting links anywhere in your content to improve your SEO score. You have to insert the correct anchor text to get maximum results from your link-building efforts.

And that is only possible when your link-building agency offers a content creation service. This way, they can personalize the content, so it doesn’t feel forced.

For example, Marveta is a leading digital marketing company that offers content creation and link-building services. This allows them to insert natural links to enhance their clients’ SEO efforts.

Step 3. Require a complete action plan

After checking the link-building agency’s list of services, ask for a complete action plan in advance. As already mentioned, link-building is a shady business.

Agencies often use the wrong ways to build links, which leads to more significant problems. Therefore, ensure the company uses all legitimate ways of building links.

This is the list of good and bad link-building strategies:

Correct Link Building Strategies

skyscraper technique

It is a simple technique. First, choose a topic based on your services and search for it on Google. Then open the top 3 search results and create better content than those sites. Also, target links with higher performance and reputation than those in the first searches.

Also, if you’ve mentioned people or websites in your article, reach out to them and ask them to gesture back. Again, don’t push, as it’s up to them if they want to link to your website from their content.

Wrong Link-Building Strategies

Never buy links

We are no longer in the year 2000. Today you cannot buy random backlinks and dump them on your website.

Buying links does not guarantee that the link will be relevant or valuable to your site. A large block of irrelevant links will continue Google from ranking your site higher.

Avoid automatic link generation.

This spamming technique will generate limited responses. Today everyone knows how link-building works. Therefore, automated emails asking for backlinks will likely end up in the spam folder.

Don’t make random comments.

Don’t just comment on other people’s blogs or social media for the sake of it. Algorithms are too intelligent nowadays. They can easily spot the differences between genuine and robotic comments.

Never link to your website.

You must link to a specific web page or post to show relevance and authority to search engines. If you get links only to the home page, Google might consider it spam and will not evaluate these backlinks when ranking your website.

Step 4. Check the technology stack

Various tools are needed for link building. Tools are needed for link quality checking, management, email marketing, etc.

So, ensure the link-building agency has a robust technology stack to build better links.

There are various link-building tools available in the market, such as:

  • Semrush Backlink Gap tool to compare your link profile with your competitors.
  • A sales panel is a lead-scoring tool that helps you analyze the leads or visitors your link-building marketing efforts attract.
  • Scrapebox is a tool to harvest results from the SERPs in seconds.
  • Google Alerts is a free platform that alerts you whenever someone mentions you online, posts content related to your keywords, or when your competitors are mentioned online.
  • Hunter and are tools for finding an email address for potential link-building opportunities.

Step 5. Monthly Link Review Reports

A reputable link-building agency always provides a monthly report on the quality of its links. They are transparent in their approach and offer smooth communication.

So, always ask link-building companies how often and what detailed reports they provide.

If an agency doesn’t have a policy of sharing link performance reports or answering your questions, it’s better to work with another agency.

Also, when you start working with a new agency, check all the links from their first batch. You must be 100% sure before connecting your brand image with other websites. Therefore, check the quality and reputation of each link before letting the agency work on them.

Step 6. Examine the agency’s backlink profile

You should have a diverse backlink if an agency claims they can produce high DA links for you in a month.

Therefore, you can use tools to check agency backlink profiles. If they have a poor backlink profile, this puts a big question mark on their ability.

However, if the agency has a diverse and rich backlink profile, this checks their abilities to produce a good quality backlink profile for you.

Step 7. Check the reviews

Reviews are essential to understand the capabilities and competence of the link-building agency. Also, checking reviews and testimonials will help you understand the agency’s workflow, experience, and knowledge.

These days, most websites have a testimonial section about past customer experiences. However, the website’s content is regulated by the agency itself; therefore, the credibility of the reviews cannot be fully trusted.

Therefore, the best way to check genuine customer reviews is through third-party review websites like Clutch.

In addition to this, you can use social media to find out more about the agency and its past clients. For example, you can explore the comments section for basic information from past customers. Google reviews are also a good starting point.

Additionally, you can ask the agency to share information about their past clients. You can contact them personally by email or phone to get specific details.

It doesn’t matter which method you take to collect reviews. Collect as much information as possible before hiring a link-building agency.

Step 8. Cost Comparison

The ultimate destination is to compare the cost of different link-building services. Link building is part of digital marketing. Therefore, you should pre-establish a budget for link building in your overall digital marketing budget. Once you’ve defined your link-building budget, you’ll need quotes from all the shortlisted agencies. You will then need to add all the figures into an Excel sheet.

Now that you have all the price figures on one sheet. You can start comparing them with each other and select the agency that offers high-quality services within your budget.

Are you ready to hire a link-building agency?

Whether you want to improve your search engine ranking or generate more leads, link building is the best marketing strategy to make your website visible online. This strategy connects you with potential customers, builds your network, and exposes your business to a new audience base.

However, link building takes time and a lot of effort. Therefore, he may need more time to build links while running his successful business. Therefore, you can search for the best link-building agency to understand your SEO goals.

We have already shared a step-by-step procedure to shortlist the right link-building company to grow your business. So, let’s save time and start finding your link-building partner today.

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