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How Do I Fix Decreasing Views On Instagram Problem?

Nothing is more depressing than seeing that your top Instagram views stories’ have decreased in the morning. 

There are certainly worse problems than that, but whether you’re an influencer, business, or social media manager, dropping story views or Reels views are a major issue. 

Right? The good news is that you are probably not shadow banned and that Instagram is still alive.

Your Instagram story views may be decreasing for a variety of reasons.

Let’s explore some of the key causes why your views may be declining and how you can start resolving that issue right away.

Reason #1: Artificially Enhanced Previous Story Views


The most frequent cause of a drop in story views is an increase in unauthentic involvement in the past. 

This indicates that you utilised some strange blackhat programme that automatically engaged you, used an engagement app, bought engagement (likes or follows), or managed to land on a bot trigger.

Story views may have accumulated phoney views in the preceding period if you’ve witnessed an increase in followers or likes from accounts that are obviously bot accounts or fake accounts. 

This would explain why story views are falling quickly. Usually, you’ll be able to tell if you used software or bought an engagement. 

You might, however, occasionally have used a hashtag that encouraged bot activity.

Change your hashtags and delete any fake followers

Find the time before the decrease and replace the hashtags that were used at that time to fix this problem and prevent future phoney spikes. 

Additionally, eliminate fake followers from your list.

More importantly, avoid using any kind of application or buying involvement in the future. Doing so will skew your information and prevent it from accurately reflecting your organic data.

Reason #2: Outdated or unchanging content

You might need to change your creative strategy if your content is static in the sense that it isn’t evolving, keeping up with trends in your niche, or connecting with your audience. 

This might be a major factor in the decline of your Instagram story views in 2020.

As long as you are following similar accounts in your topic, you can simply search what’s trending on the explore page if you’re having trouble coming up with innovative or popular material for your subject.

Alternatively, you can use location tags or hashtags to look for hot stories on Instagram.

Third-party disregard for your story hashtags


Your material is more discoverable using hashtags. The reason why story views are dropping may be because of hashtag neglect. 

Remember that each story can contain a maximum of 10 hashtags. This consists of a geo-hashtag, text hashtags, and one sticker hashtag.

Reason #4: Lackluster Content

Really, it’s fairly easy. You’re likely to see a decline in story views and fewer interactions if you submit tales without a plan or a method for generating engagement. 

Instead, develop a plot and offer readers a reason to pay attention to your stories. Tests, revelations, and high-value content encourage viewers to return, engage, and share.

Reason #5: Ineffective Timing Plan

Uploading a lot of content at once and then ghosting followers for a few days is the most typical error people make when posting tales. 

Popular accounts, however, consistently publish a lot. But you’ll see that creating a successful interaction plan requires timing and consistency.

Consider the following factors when developing your timing strategy:

  • When your followers are online, publish stories.
  • They should be separated properly.
  • For instance, “reveal stories” can call for 2 stories to be posted in a row.
  • A “day in the life” plot, on the other hand, calls for constant posting.
  • Don’t post a lot of content only for the sake of volume.
  • When posting tales, always keep timing in mind.

Reason # 6 for Lack of Reciprocation 

Don’t be the person who only wants others to read or watch their stories. 

People that are thus irritable will quickly stop following you in favour of someone who does interact and share. Reciprocation within a community resembles social karma. 

More people will interact with you as a result of your meaningful engagement with more content.

Reason #7 for Terminating Culture

A new online PR disaster called “cancelled culture” occurs when businesses or influencers spur online protest. An audience spiral on organic Instagram growth might occur if sensitivity and communication tactics are neglected. 

Keep in mind that material posted on social media is permanent; once it goes online, it cannot be removed.  Glossier is a prime example of a successful Instagram brand that the internet has the potential to destroy.

Last Words on Falling Story Views

If you use the advice above, you should be able to figure out why your story views are decreasing and what course you need to take to keep up your Instagram reach. 

Keep in mind that figuring out what’s causing your Instagram story views to decline requires trial and error. It’s advisable to avoid attempting to manipulate the system or outwit the algorithm.

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