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Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in India One Must Know

Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

In 2022, influencer marketing has become beneficial for several brands. You may have often noticed popular faces creatively promoting products for the benefit of brands. As you too decide to adopt influencer marketing, you should know the best platforms where you can find an ideal person worthy of representing your brand. There are 10 best platforms that ensure the top influencer marketing services India. For brands dedicated to health, fitness, fashion, automotive, etc., these influencer marketing platforms in India must be known. Some of them can not only help you pick the right influencer but also contribute to your social media optimization practices.

What does Influencer Marketing Mean?

Given that social media has become a space where people often spend their time, influencer marketing has become important. As a part of this, the most influential people on social media guide or encourage users to prefer certain brands. Based on the trust invested in these influencers, their audiences can help improve the performance of these brands. Thus, for branding goals, influencer marketing can be understood as an important practice.

What are the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in India?

Influencer marketing is effective when you have chosen the right person for it. To help you do so, there are a number of influencer marketing platforms available in India. By knowing the top 10 of them, you can pick an influencer who can rightly represent your brand, improve its sales, and do a lot more.

  1. Plixxo

Established by the founder of POPxo, Plixxo is a renowned influencer marketing platform in India. It has nearly 26,000 people who can be approached for promoting your business. Additionally, they can be a part of your campaigns on applications like Instagram. On Plixxo, you can connect with influential bloggers as well.


A platform as important as this one, helps you associate with influential people in varying domains. Here, you can find an influencer who can ideally represent your brand on social media. In India, using this influencer marketing platform can be beneficial for brands that want to prevail in travel, food, automobile, and other such industries.

  1. Winkl

Winkl is a platform in India that has more than 20 categories. For all of them, you can find the best influencers. A notable thing about this platform is that it works in a unique way. Based on your brand or requirements, it can shortlist the best influencers.

  1. Pulpkey

This is a highly creative platform. Influencers who can yield amazing engagement can be found on Pulpkey. This platform in India is important for its engine. It can help you find multiple creators who can assist your campaigns on social media.

Moreover, for assessing campaign performance as well, Pulpkey has essential social media optimization services. It can monitor how your campaigns are going and help you in bringing improvement.

  1. Grynow Media

Grynow Media is an important influencer marketing platform. This is for the reason that it can provide you with influential people with a wide audience on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and the like. From furniture and lifestyle to fitness and beauty, this is the platform to consider for your brand.

  1. Grin

For eCommerce websites, Grin remains a beneficial platform. It modifies your influencer marketing practices by listing the right people. For the promotion and awareness generation of your products, Grin can assist you in finding the top influencers in the country.

  1. Klear

In a short duration, platforms like Klear have established their relevance for brands internationally. From Huaweito to Microsoft, it has helped brands represent themselves via the right influencers. Nationally as well, Klear is a useful space for influencer marketing. Moreover, new brands can approach it too.

  1. BrandMentions

More than a platform, this is software based in India. BrandMentions is focused on monitoring social media practices. Through influencers, it can improve the mentions of your brand. For review analysis as well, this is an important platform that can improve the online reputation of brands.

  1. Qoruz

For the most effective campaigns, Quroz can accompany you in finding an influencer with a great following. Influencers who are highly active on respective social media platforms can be found through it. Thus, based on who is forming the recent trends on Facebook, Instagram, etc., it can connect with an influencer and give effect to your campaigns.

  1. Blogmint

Product promotion can become profitable as you prefer Blogmint. It is a big platform with nearly 29,000 famous people. Multiple agencies and brands further support Blogmint. An old platform in India, you can rely on it for finding not one but several influencers who can increase awareness about your products.

Tips for Choosing the Best Influencer for Your Brand

In recent years, when influencer marketing has become important, you can also consider opting for it. Being aware of the right platforms for this is essential. At the same time, you should understand how to choose the best influencer who can promote your brand in a positive light.

With these 4 tips, you can decide which influencer to choose.

  • The person should have an audience that has the potential of converting into your audience.
  • Promising high creativity and engagement, the chosen influencer should offer something distinctive.
  • His/her ability to convince should be excellent.
  • Most importantly, the influencer that you choose should be active on social media. This will go a long way in boosting your campaigns.
Let us Conclude the Above

Influencer marketing is more than choosing the right face with a good following on social media. It requires access to the best platforms in India that can find this face according to what your brand does. In addition, by knowing the most useful tips for selecting an influencer, you will be able to launch your campaigns effectively. Gradually, this will increase awareness of your brand. As it will be more noticed by people on social media, conversions will be most likely. If one is unable to optimize their do social media platforms then they can get in touch with Social Media Marketing Company for their business growth in social media world.

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