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VVS Finance was trading at $0.000006677 on 24 August 2022, up 40 percent from its all-time low. VVS price has a circulating supply of over 24 trillion coins, with a maximum supply of 100 trillion coins. The token has a market capitalization of $162 million, making it the 234th largest cryptocurrency.

Moving averages

The VVS price has been sluggish over the last few days. It is currently down 18 percent from the high reached last week. It has fallen below its 25-day moving average and its 50-day moving average. It is also below its Relative Strength Index. This indicates that it is likely to continue to fall. In the future, VVS finance will probably rebound towards Versagames IGO.

If you use the moving averages to make your VVS price predictions, you will be able to predict its future price and the direction it will take. By following the data below, you can create a timeline for when VVS will hit the minimum or maximum levels. In the following years, the VVS price will likely rise to an average level of $0.00022321. In 2025, the VVS price could increase to $0.00032328, or it could fall to a minimum price of $0.00001774. In the following years, it could rise to $0.00002472, or even $0.00002666.


VVS Finance price predictions are made using a variety of tools, such as moving averages. These averages are calculated by taking the average closing price of VVS for a specific time frame, and then dividing that number by the number of days in the time frame. For instance, the 12-day simple moving average is calculated by taking the closing prices of the previous 12 days and dividing that number by 12. An exponential moving average, on the other hand, gives more weight to the more recent prices and reacts faster to price changes.

VVS Finance was launched to create a simple and convenient trading platform for its users. The platform is based on the concept of decentralized finance. This technology is intended to replace financial intermediaries by enabling fast transactions and low fees. The VVS token helps students and budding crypto market entrepreneurs by providing an incentive-based platform and decentralized exchange for them. The platform also allows users to stake their tokens for rewards.


VVS Finance is a cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 100 trillion. The circulating supply of the token is currently around 21 trillion. The team behind the project is anonymous. If you’re thinking about investing in VVS, you should do your research and understand its current and future potential. You should never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

VVS Finance was launched with a goal of making DeFi easy for everyone. Its platform enables users to swap their tokens for cash and earn yields on them. The company’s platform focuses on making DeFi accessible and fun while still maximizing profit.

Price trajectory

If you’re thinking of investing in VVS, the best time is right now. The cryptocurrency is experiencing a bear market, but it’s not all bad news. Several indicators, including CoinDataFlow, suggest that now is the right time to buy VVS. In addition to that, VVS is showing a healthy growth rate compared to other technologies.

One of the most popular tools for VVS Finance price prediction is moving averages. These tools give you the average closing price of VVS for a specific time period, such as the past 12 days. These averages are then divided by the number of days in the selected time period. A twelve-day simple moving average, for example, is calculated by taking the last twelve closing prices and dividing them by twelve. A more advanced method is called the exponential moving average. It gives more weight to recent prices and reacts more quickly to price changes.

Market capitalization

The current market capitalization of VVS Finance (VVS) is $162 million. This is up 40% from the all-time low on 24 August 2022. The VVS cryptocurrency has a circulating supply of over 24 trillion coins, with a maximum supply of 100 trillion coins. This makes VVS the 234th largest crypto by market cap.

The price of VVS Finance (VVS) is based on supply and demand. Moreover, the price is influenced by fundamental events, such as block reward halvings, hard forks, and new protocol updates. In addition, regulations, adoption by government agencies, and other real-world events can also influence the price of VVS. This is why the market cap of VVS can change quickly.

VVS price prediction today

At the time of writing this VVS price prediction on 16 October 2022, the crypto was trading for $0.0000057 per asset. Many analysts agree the price could reach in the future.

When considering a VVS token price prediction, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is extremely volatile, and trends can change anytime. That said, analysts and algorithm-based forecasters can get their predictions wrong.

When you consider investing in cryptocurrency tokens, you should always do your research. Check out the latest trends and the cryptocurrency’s recent performance statistics. Mind news, technical and fundamental analysis. The cryptocurrency’s performance is no guarantee of its future success. And never trade with more money than you can afford to lose

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