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Why Should I Prefer Swimming with lifeguard Training?

Of course, the first and clearest answer to this is to learn to swim and to be in the water in a safe and healthy way. It is very important to attend a swimming Lifeguard training for a person who does not know how to swim. There is an ancient and extremely wrong perception among the public.

Such as throwing people who can’t swim into the water and making them learn to swim with great care. Such movements unfortunately put many people who do not know how to swim at risk of drowning. In addition to the danger to life health, it causes permanent fear of water in people who remain in this situation.

And it can cause traumas that will make the swimming learning process extremely difficult. For this reason, it is important for a person who does not know how to swim to learn to swim correctly and healthily by taking advantage of swimming training.

Why Should I Prefer Aqua wave Swimming Lifeguard training?

Aqua wave Swimming training was founded by Emre Tuner and Frat Pelican, two of Antalya’s leading swimming coaches, who have more than 15 years of experience. Aqua wave Swimming with lifeguard training, which attaches great importance to meticulousness in service.

Can train 5 different level groups in the same session with its 5 instructors who are constantly in the pool. The fact that all of its instructors are experienced and certified in their work ensures that the training are passed with high efficiency and that the level of the trainees develops accurately and quickly.

For this reason, it is ensured that the trainees continue their lessons with high satisfaction in both adult and child swimming lifeguard training. At the same time, the instructors, who constantly follow the lessons from the side of the pool during the swimming course, work with great sensitivity to avoid any problems.

Health Benefits of Swimming Sports?

Swimming is an extremely beneficial and important sport, both physically and psychologically. Since it is a sport that works the body in a balanced way, it develops and strengthens many muscle groups in the body at the same time. It is a sport recommended by most experts for people with physical difficulties and muscle and bone pain.

A balanced strengthening of the muscles and bones will reduce the negative effects of the discomfort experienced. It is also a very suitable sport for people who want to lose weight. As mentioned above, many major muscle groups in the body are actively working while swimming, and as a result, a serious energy use is experienced in the body.

Swimming Sports and Levels

The benefits of swimming do not end with counting, but it is necessary to explain the sport itself well. Swimming is a type of sport with certain levels, and if it is desired to level up, it is important for development to learn the necessary movements and behavior’s without mistakes.


It is important and intended for the trainee at this level to get to know the water first, to get rid of any fears of water, if any, and to be able to stand in the water comfortably and without straining. For this reason, it starts with basic movements such as entering and exiting the water unaided, dipping the head under the water with support.

Intermediate Level

At the beginner level, it is aimed to gain the ability to swim without support after learning the basic movements such as getting in and out of the water, exhaling under the water, and flapping with support. Here, both the swimming board and the trainer support, foot push and hand pull movements are fully learned.

Movements such as being able to hold on to the water without support, swimming face down and on the back, and swimming by breathing from the side are emphasized, and the trainees who complete this can now perform basic movements without support, and can swim briefly. After that, learning the techniques and mastering the movements.

Working as a lifeguard in the summer: benefits of this experience

1. Gain experience in a growing sector

It should be noted that the work of lifeguards goes beyond holidays. Currently, many indoor swimming pools require specialist professionals to ensure the safety of those swimming in the facilities. So, a first summer experience can be key to expanding the curriculum and certifying the functions performed in the position.

2. Each day is completely different from the previous one.

Some people seek a job that comes with the lack of a perfectly marked routine. Responsibility, commitment and involvement of the lifeguard they manifest themselves at all times. However, working hours do not follow the course of a perfectly predictable routine.

There are circumstances that make each moment completely different from the last. And this fact is a motivation for those who have the expectation of working in a job that makes this experience possible.

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