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How to choose an air freshener?

air freshener

Many times we have to use air fresheners, because it can improve the smell of the air, especially in indoor environments, so how should we choose air fresheners?

consider its safety

  • Because the ingredients of air fresheners can be directly inhaled into the lungs, we must pay special attention to safety.
  • There are some inferior air fresheners on the market, and their ingredients will produce harmful substances after release, which will cause harm to the body.
  • Therefore, when buying air fresheners, be sure to choose those produced by regular manufacturers. Even if they are produced by regular manufacturers, we must observe their outer packaging to see if there are any harmful ingredients in their ingredient list.

Other considerations

Consider persistence

The purpose of purchasing air fresheners is to improve the indoor air quality or the air quality in other places for a long time, so the durability of the air fresheners should be fully considered, and long-lasting ones should be selected.

Consider practicality

You should decide which type of air freshener to buy according to your own environment or occasion. You can also view at amazon discount code NHS

If the home is a newly renovated house, then when purchasing an air freshener, you can choose an air freshener that can absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Choose according to personal preference

There are many kinds of scents for air fresheners. The common ones on the market are roses, jasmine, lilies, etc. Well, choose the scent of air fresheners according to your own preferences.

How to Choose a Safe Air Freshener

Fresh air can give people a feeling of refreshment. The newly renovated new house is permeated with toluene, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals, and the bathroom, living room, and the interior of the car will all have some special smells from time to time. How to clean the air safely and quickly? For a wide range of air fresheners, New Zealand air fresheners, natural plant extracts, water-based formulas (water is used as the solvent, no oil or ethanol) and environmentally friendly formulas are more reliable. Or try the next DIY air freshener.


Baking soda baking soda, – Essential oil (I used lavender) essential oil (this tutorial uses lavender), – A mason jar + lid zakka style glass bottle + lid, – Thin cardboard (I used acid free watercolor paper) thin cardboard (Acid-free watercolor paper is used for this tutorial), – A thumbtack or crochet needle, – Scissors, – Paint + paintbrush + paint pen.


  1. Using the inside circle of the bottle cap, draw a circle on thin cardboard or acid-free watercolor paper and cut it out with scissors. This is the fun part, creating a design for the lid, and on top of the cut out circle, draw a heart shape. 
  2.  Using thumbtacks, punch holes in the shape of hearts on cardboard or acid-free watercolor paper. Make sure the holes for the pushpin handles are all through
  3. The second fun part, drawing your design After the paint dries, you may need to re-drill the hole and wait for the paint to dry before it can be used as a cover
  4.  Now, start mixing baking soda and essential oils to make an air freshener, about 1/4 of the baking soda, then mix 5-10 drops of essential oils, depending on the size of the room, and your favorite smell.

The role of air fresheners


  • Car air freshener, also known as “environmental perfume”, is currently the most common way to purify the air environment in the car and improve air quality. Because it is easy to carry, easy to use and cheap, air fresheners have become a lot of drivers and friends to purify the air in the car. It is the first choice, and its working principle is also very simple. It is to add a small amount of medicament to the odorous substance, achieve the purpose of deodorization through chemical reaction and use strong aromatic substances to conceal the odor. Therefore, many air fresheners do not actually deodorize the car. The odor removal in the interior is just to cover up the odor with a pleasing fragrance.
  • The packaging of many air fresheners is marked to have a sterilizing effect, and some people also use it as a disinfection product, frequently spraying it on places that are not easy to clean. Especially in places with a lot of peculiar smells such as bathrooms, it is believed that it can kill two birds with one stone, both disinfecting and deodorizing. In fact, air fresheners cannot kill bacteria in the air and cannot be used as disinfection products. Air fresheners do not improve the quality of the air and do not kill bacteria.
    The air freshener is composed of ethanol, essence, deionized water and other components. Its working principle is also very simple, that is, adding a small amount of medicament to the substance that emits foul smell, through chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of deodorization and to use strong aromatic substances to conceal the smell , so many air fresheners do not actually remove the peculiar smell, but just cover up the peculiar smell with a pleasing fragrance. But it can’t really improve the quality of the air, because its ingredients can’t decompose harmful gasses, and it’s hard to really clean the air


  • Air Freshener Hazards

The butane, propane and compressed nitrogen contained in canned air freshener products are themselves volatile toxic substances, which can cause harm to the human body while volatilizing fragrance. The aromatic substances contained in air fresheners can stimulate the human nervous system, stimulate the respiratory mucosa of children, and affect the growth and development of children. You can also check at boohoo discount code NHS
Air fresheners can cause secondary pollution: air fresheners are basically composed of ether, essence and other components. Some components of the gas produced after chemical decomposition of these substances in the air are air pollutants themselves, which actually exacerbates air pollution. The degree of pollution, long-term use will cause adverse stimulation to the human body.
Air fresheners can cause allergies: The ingredients contained in air fresheners are all organic substances, most of which can cause allergies, and can also cause some strong irritation to the respiratory tract, especially for people who are prone to allergies or allergic constitution in this way.
There are many ways to change indoor air quality: for example, by opening windows for ventilation to achieve indoor air circulation; in addition, planting an appropriate amount of green plants can also improve air quality, and at the same time, more attention should be paid to eliminating hygienic blind spots to truly purify the air.

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