Is cashmere baby blanket good for your baby?

Baby blankets made of luxurious cashmere are the ideal newborn present.

If you have had a baby recently or thinking of gifting a new born something, cashmere baby blanket will be the best option for you. Even the fussiest newborns can be calmed down with its assistance, and it can also keep them cosy throughout the day and night. Furthermore, even after extended usage, it won’t begin to smell, making it ideal for babies with sensitive skin or allergies! If you want only the best for your child or the child of a friend or family member, think about the advantages of cashmere and make an investment in a present that will last a lifetime.

Cashmere baby blankets of the highest quality can be quite advantageous for newborn infants. Let us look at some of the advantages of cashmere baby blankets and how it differs from other blankets.

Fuss free

Baby blankets made from cashmere are the best blankets you can find in the market. Cashmere luxury baby blankets helps relax babies and reduce crying too. Also, it can lessen frequent waking and help children sleep through the night more soundly. Cashmere may be the solution for your baby if they are having trouble falling asleep.


A baby’s brain expands rapidly and more than doubles in size throughout the first year of life. Restful sleep is beneficial to this growth, which is necessary for healthy development. A newborn can sleep longer and fall asleep more quickly if they are wrapped in cashmere. This encourages healthy development and puts them on the correct path to achieving all of their developmental objectives.

Resistant to water

Not only is cashmere an excellent insulator, but it can also hold over 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp. This keeps you from worrying about spills or leaks and keeps babies comfortable throughout the winter because any moisture is quickly discharged or dissipated away.


As previously said, cashmere luxury baby blankets are the ideal insulators in both winter and summer. These blankets are ideal for every season or event because they can keep your kids cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. They are comfortable and luxurious fabrics that can be used all throughout the year.


The ability of cashmere to keep odours from lingering is yet another fantastic advantage. Bad odours are easily removed because cashmere is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. You won’t ever have to stress about covering your child with a blanket that doesn’t smell very fresh. Over time our blankets if they made of other materials often tend to smell bad and it takes a lot of hassle to remove it. With cashmere baby blankets, this problem will be at bay.

Allergen free

The cashmere in these luxurious baby blankets is ideal for preventing adverse reactions if your infant is sensitive to certain fabrics. Babies with allergies won’t have to worry about any synthetic fibres irritating them because the soft material won’t irritate sensitive skin or aggravate sensitive skin already present.

The cashmere baby blankets are different from other woolen blankets in all the above aspects.

Now let us look why cashmere products are popular and from where you can get them?

The cashmere products are expensive and 100% pure cashmere product is not found everywhere. There are some places that sell mixed cashmere. Usually light or neutral colored fabrics, that are incredibly light weight and feel super smooth and soft on the skin will be cashmere. For its light weight quality, it makes it travel friendly too unlike other blankets or winter wear which take up a lot of space and weight.

Finding genuine cashmere products is hard as these products are rare. Not only the wool is found from goats in Kashmir and Mongolia but it is an extremely tedious process for the makers to turn it to a fine cashmere products. Skilled labourers are required who put in hours of hard work to bring out the best product. There are some places like Angela Jey who are reputed for selling cashmere products, from cashmere baby blankets to scarves etc. The brand is reputed and the clients have been happy after purchasing their cashmere products.

Our most expensive baby blanket to date, knit from a plush cotton-cashmere blend, makes the ideal present (for you or a new parent). This gorgeous cashmere baby blanket will add a delicate touch of luxury to nurseries, strollers, or even car seats. Together with a cashmere baby layette set, this is the ideal gift for a new baby or a welcome home.

The Cashmere Rabbit Comfort Blanket might end up becoming a beloved friend. Incredibly plush, the double layer gives it a snug dimension, making it ideal for use as a blanket or for wrapping around a child’s shoulders.

This blanket comes tissue-wrapped and delivered in our distinctive gift box. If you’d like, you may add the baby’s initial to make it uniquely yours. On the right corner of the blanket would go the hand-embroidered stem stitch letter.

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