Homemade jewelry

Handmade jewelry are always in high demand. Handmade jewelry is adored for its artistic integrity and sentimental value.

It evokes the real feeling and quality that mass-produced jewelry does not have.

  • Vintage Ring New to jewelry making:

This is a great starter project. This amazing ring can be made from old brooches or jewelry.


Gold ring with a flat pad for a vintage brooch or single earrings.E-6000 glue, staple or wire (optional) Nail file or sandpaper.

  1. Use scissors to remove any jump rings, earrings, ear rings or brooch pads from your vintage piece.
  2. Apply E-6000 adhesive to the spine and ring pad. After the glue has cured for 10 minutes.

Join the two pieces together. Tie them together or tie them together and let the glue dry overnight for added security.

  •  Geometric Hoop Earrings:

This reworked take on the traditional hoop earring gives them an edgy, contemporary look Homemade jewelry.


Semi-hard gold square wire, 20 gauge, 12 inches (30.5 cm)

Nail file or sandpaper Nail file or sandpaper Nail file

  1. Using scissors, cut two pieces of 6 inch/15 cm square wire.
  2. Fold the wire back on itself to form a U shape using round nose pliers, grasping one end of one piece of wire 1/16 inch (4 mm) from the end. T
  3. Bend the wire to the right at a 45degree angle using the chain pliers about 2 inches down from the U shape you just made.
  4. Now make a point in the middle of the bottom of the earring.
  5. Make a 45degree angle in the wire 1/2 inch (1 cm) up from the point you just made with the chain pliers. The first bend and this one will be symmetrical.
  6. Now bend the wire to fit under the U-shaped tab to create the earring post that pierces the ear.
  • Sparkling Hair Comb:

Add a variety of crystals to a gold hair comb to make your hair stand out.


Assorted crystals Gold hair comb, one yard or one meter of gold wire, 26 gauge Tools:

Scissors with chain pliers and glue E-6000 What to do:

  1. Play around with different crystals to create a layout that fits the hair comb.
  1. Begin attaching the crystal stones using settings or holes.
  2. Add the rest of the rhinestones using a little glue. You’ll have plenty of time to adjust the stones as you go, as the glue dries slowly.
  •  Shoe Clips :

Try this DIY shoe accessory for a more serious venture.


1 yard or 1 meter of silk ribbon 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) wide; 2 crystal components or vintage earrings; 2 small silver filigree findings; and 2 shoe clip finds.

What to do: Ruler scissors Sticky glue Sewing needle E-6000 glue

  1. Tie two pieces of silk ribbon together in a straight bow, each measuring 15 inches (38 cm).
  2. Make a sandwich with one bow in your hand, placing the bow in the middle, the crystal element on top and the filigree find on the bottom.
  3. A small amount of sticky glue can be used to stick the three layers together.
  4. Repeat for the second bow. Leave to dry overnight.
  5. Using a sewing needle, sew together the ribbon, crystal and three interlaced layers of the bow – a filigree find.
  6. Once all three parts are secured, sew one of the shoe clip findings to the filigree finding.
  7. Cut off the excess thread and tie the thread securely.
  8. In the same way, create a second shoe clip with a silk bow.
  • High and Low Tie Necklace:

With this project, you can make a necklace Homemade jewelry that varies in length depending on the ribbon you choose.


Silver snake chain, 4 mm diameter, 14 inches (35.5 cm).

There are four 5mm single loop silver end caps that wrap tightly around the chain.

x 8mm long 5 stone beads with top drilled holes 20mm wide x 28mm long 1ft/30.5cm of flexible bead wire.

It is thin enough to fit through the bead holes 2 silver colored crimp beads 2mm diameter.

  • Two small silver rings:

Two yards (two meters) of one inch (2.5 centimeter) wide ribbon, scissors, and E-6000 glue.

  1. Use scissors to split the snake chain in half. Attach an end cap to each of the four ends of the chain using glue. Leave to dry overnight.
  2. On your work surface, arrange five stone beads in a gentle arc.
  3. A 12 inch/30.5cm piece of flexible stringing wire should be threaded through a loop at one of the ends and both ends threaded through a crimp bead.
  4. The stones should be strung on a flexible stringing wire.
  5. A small ring should be attached to the loops on the remaining two terminals.
  6. Cut the ribbon in half using scissors. Use the jump ring to pull through one of the ribbons. Fold the ribbon in half so that the jump ring is in the middle.
  7. Wrap the jump ring in the ribbon with a loose knot to cover it.
  1. With the second length of ribbon, repeat at the opposite end of the chain.



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