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5 Hacks for the Smelliest Cat Litter Boxes

Clean the Cat Litter Boxes More Often

5 Hacks for the Smelliest Cat Litter Boxes

Maybe you’ve tried every little thing you can think of, and but the cat litter boxes odor persists. Owning a cat can bring you a lot of happiness. Nothing beats listening to a content cat purr while reading a fantastic book next to your furry friend. Although the kitties are adorable, not everything about them is rosy. When it comes to cleaning up after cats, this is especially true. COZIWOW cat Litter boxes are the bane of every cat owner’s existence. Not only do you have to clean it, but no matter what you do, it always seems to smell. Nothing is worse than having an unpleasant litter box that interferes with your relationship with your pet.

Here’s how to eliminate litter box odor so you can enjoy your cat’s company more and worry less about bad smells.

Clean the Cat Litter Boxes More Often

However, once more, even the most effective multi-cat litter can only achieve this much. Be sure to make use of a number of litter bins and clear them as frequently as potential. Cat house owners know the way finicky felines may be about the place they relieve themselves. To keep your house clear and fresh-smelling and avoid messes, you’ll want to select a litter box rigorously. The design, size, shape, and options could make or break a cat’s bathroom habits.

Automatic litter boxes that scoop and contain smelly waste are another odor-fighting option. Just be sure to select a cat litter that’s designed for self-scooping litter packing containers, which often jam when traditional cat litter is used. The absolute best method to management odors is to regularly preserve and clear your cat litter box. Scooping every day, especially in a multi-cat family, is key to controlling unseemly smells. As an added bonus, if you scoop day by day, you really only want to replace clay litter every two to 3 weeks, which saves you cash, too.

Consider Litter Box Additions

Since this litter box has no top, filters, or pads, it is decided by having a great litter. If you reside in an apartment or have to take benefit of your room, Nature’s Miracle Advanced Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box is for you. This litter box comes in the form of a corner, so you’ll find a way to simply stick it wherever it needs to go and it’ll stay out of your means. While the shape is rather small and would be best for a small variety of cats, it has nice odor protection because of its hood. It’s additionally ideal for big cat households as its size and privateness can be what’s finest on your multi-cat household.

It appears a bit unintuitive, even for an inquisitive kitty. Overall, it’s a make-it-or-break-it resolution for a litter box for odor management. It all depends on whether or not your pet can figure it out and use it in this completely different form. Meanwhile, different self-cleaning litter boxes require silica or crystal litter, which could be efficient in locking in odor, but only whether it is stirred frequently to distribute the urine. However, when you have a cat who could be very specific about the cleanliness of their litter box—but you’re too busy to scoop multiple instances a day—stick with it.

Pick the Right Location

Frankly, this looks like overkill since waste is contained in plastic bags, however it’s more likely to be an appealing characteristic for some. We independently research, check, review, and advocate the most effective products—learn more about our course of. If you purchase something by way of our links, we might earn a commission. Mum does not need to bend over every time one of many cats needs to toilet.

Use a gentle, unscented dish detergent or a light bleach spray and rinse properly. You should ensure the proper house in your feline friends, it doesn’t matter what. To keep them comfortable, think about how many cats you’ve and the sizes of the cats themselves. You also have to suppose about the area at residence you have out there.

Set Up Enough Cat Litter Boxes

Cost is all the time necessary when you’re making a purchase, and you want to make sure you’re getting your price out of what you purchase. This couldn’t be more true in relation to litter boxes for cats. There are many different bins to choose from, including something from inexpensive, disposable litter packing containers to extraordinarily expensive computerized litter packing containers. This hooded litter box has a built-in charcoal filter on the inside of the lid for odor management. The floor can additionally be made of non-stick plastic so you presumably can ensure that dirty litter and waste might be easy to scoop. This is very helpful since built-up waste can be one of many greatest culprits of odors coming from the litter box.

For one, it’s high — which means that cats who often pee on the sides of the litter box won’t injury any walls or flooring. It’s simple to wash, and in addition has an adjustable level of privateness. Since each cat has completely different preferences, it’s safe to assume this box can be fitted ultimately they may feel comfy. The reality is, certain highly-rated litter bins — especially those which are coated — may be better about containing smells due to a carbon filter. Automatic cat litter boxes can additionally be better at odor reduction however are usually pricier. Litter packing containers serve an important function for cats, clearly, however for homeowners, they are a crucial approach to contain messes and hold smells from wafting all through the whole house.

Choose the Right Litter Box with Coziwow

This is cheaper in the long run and light and no more clumping and bad smells. It’s a not an costly funding however it’s worth spending about 50 bucks give or take for the initial purchase. After that it’s a clean journey for cat waste administration. While this litter does a great job of clumping, it’s straightforward to tell when the litter has absorbed its restrict. If you have a deep digging cat, you should still discover urine unabsorbed at the bottom of the litterbox. And in phrases of odor control, it doesn’t present as a lot as different competitor manufacturers.

With its open design, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect The Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box makes it simple to clean. If there is more litter within the box, it’s going to do a better job of regulating the scents. There are quite a few approaches that businesses have taken to odor administration.

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