MedEZ EHR Vs. NextGen EMR: a critical breakdown

Comparison of softwares is one of the efficient ways to discover the true potential of each software and if they offer what you are looking for. MedEZ ehr and NextGen emr are two softwares full of potential that just might be the right fit for you. Comparing their prices, features, and demos will give you a better insight.


MedEZ EHR Software


MedEZ offers a full-service clinical solution for both outpatient and inpatient software. An administrative system that offers intensive coordination between all levels of facility operations is the practice management application. Statistical Reports & KPIs provide a wide range of tools designed to direct management choices in the direction of desired results.


MedEZ EHR Features


Appointment Scheduling


Medical scheduling at your facility can be automated with MedEZ healthcare software. MedEZ is big on its appointment scheduling. An intuitive, familiar structure was developed to meet your facility management requirements for scheduling appointments. By clicking a button, you can access the patient’s appointment history.


Behavioral Health Management


Behavioral Healthcare Management Centers’ everyday operations are automated using MedEZ, a piece of healthcare software created with the administrator in mind. With checkpoints like driver check-in, sign-in sheets, attendance checks, therapist notes, and reports, MedEZ’s Community care software assures HIPAA compliance. Reports provide an accurate picture of billing for the administration.


Billing Company


With the use of MedEZ’s healthcare solutions, administrative, billing, collection, and accounts receivable management tasks can be simplified. Use MedEZ-Billing software to automate patient charge capture. The secure medical software from MedEZ was created for simple management with checkpoints to guarantee HIPAA compliance and eliminate billing mistakes.


MedEZ EHR Pricing


The supplier withholds its prices from the public. By using the “Get Price” button, you may ask for a pricing quote.


MedEZ EHR Demo


Get a free demo of the MedEZ EHR software to explore how it may benefit your clinic. The software is not accessible in a free or demo version.


MedEZ EHR Reviews


Online reviews for the software are overwhelmingly good, with users praising it for its intuitive design and wide range of features.

NextGen EMR Software


The robust capabilities of NextGen Enterprise, which include practice management, charting, telemedicine, a patient portal, analytics, and more, might be useful for larger ambulatory facilities. This EHR system is designed for both multi- and single-specialty clinics and supports clinical and administrative tasks like appointment scheduling and revenue management.


NextGen EMR Features


Claim Management


Manage the whole billing process, including insurance verification, resolving disputed claims, automating billing statements, and more, to avoid revenue loss caused by denied insurance claims.


Health Information Exchange


Combines information from multiple sources and systems to increase the flow of medical data for better healthcare. encourages the use of private data access to raise the bar for medical treatment.




Patients can easily communicate and send payments by using payment processing partners. Virtual visits, invitations from third parties, and hub and support services are all made possible.

NextGen EMR Reviews


According to all reviewers mentioning its usefulness, it has all the necessary features and offers basic EMR and practice management features. You can read Nextgen patient portal reviews for better understanding about it .


NextGen EMR Pricing


Users report that monthly fees for each professional range from $299 to $549, with variable costs for doctors and nurses. To request a price, interested clients should get in touch with the company’s sales staff.


NextGen EMR Demo


You could ask for a demonstration. They offer a functional version of the software for you to see and use. That gives you an idea of how easy it is to use and navigate.


MedEZ EHR Vs. NextGen EMR Software—Final Thoughts


Time for an in-depth, honest opinion about MedEZ. Your charge sheet will be much simpler to prepare with MedEZ’s electronic medical billing software. Prices are saved, and a charge sheet calculator is generated automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming price lookups. With the flexibility of MedEZ’s rehabilitation facility software, your medical center may integrate many types of therapy. Once each therapy has been assigned a code, creating a program only requires a few easy steps. These are only some of the things that make this software great. The rest can be observed through a demo.


Now when it comes to NextGen, it automates registry reporting to save time and give doctors accurate, up-to-date information. With simple charting features, dealing with documentation will take less time, and tangible files will be less of a nuisance. It gives patients more control over their care by allowing them to check in online, examine their medical history, and monitor their health. Navigation and data access is made quick and easy with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Now that you are armed and loaded with all the information, you should be less hesitant to make the final decision depending on your budget and needs. Good luck!

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