Liposuction in Lahore | Lipo helps to re-shape the body

Lipo, short for “liposuction,” is a way to get rid of extra fat through cosmetic surgery. There is no evidence that this has a long-term effect on weight or obesity. Liposuction in Lahore is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from specific body parts with the help of a vacuum with suction.

Using a cannula and negative pressure to pull the fat out. People already at a healthy weight and have skin that stretches well are likely to get the best results from this beauty treatment.

Even though the eliminated fat cells will never return, the total body fat tends to return to where it was before the treatment within a few months. Even though the same healthy eating and exercise habits keep, this is still happening. Even though there is some fat gain in the treated area, most weight gain is in the abdomen. Visceral fat is the fat around the organs.


Liposuction for Sculpting the Body in Lahore

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Atta Ul Haq, is in high demand for a number of cosmetic procedures, such as Liposuction in Lahore (or lipoplasty). Liposuction takes fat out of particular body parts through minor cuts. In some cases, you might get a smoother, flatter, and sexier look with less time to heal.


Should I have a Liposuction done?

When you eat fewer calories and move around more, your body fat percentage decreases in a way determined by your genes. Even if you lose weight everywhere else, focusing on losing weight in your trouble spots will make a bigger difference.

Women often have problems with their thighs, bellies, sides, backs, and buttocks. Guys often have trouble with their stomachs and sides (love handles).

Liposuction in Lahore improves a person’s appearance by sucking out pockets of fat from specific body parts. Diet alone may not be enough to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Liposuction may be your only option if you don’t want to look too thin elsewhere as you lose weight. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can get rid of pockets of fat in certain places.


Who can get Liposuction?

Lipoplasty works best for people who are healthy but have fat buildup in certain areas. The patient’s body mass index (BMI) must be under 35, but under 30 is better. In general, as the body mass index increases, the outcome worsens and the chance of complications increases.

The Liposuction in Lahore operation can operate on people of any age, from newborns to the very old. Dr. Atta Ul Haq will evaluate you and give you his professional opinion if you want to know if you are a good fit for a particular field.


When thinking about Liposuction, keep the following in mind:

This is NOT a way to treat being overweight.

Liposuction in Lahore is not an option if you want to lose weight. Even if you only lose a small amount of fat, it could make a big difference in your appearance.


Surgical ways to get rid of fat

Liposuction in Lahore is the most common type, but there are a few other types. Before removing fat, a tumescent solution containing adrenaline and the local anesthetic lidocaine injects into the area working on. This is called the “tumescent method.”


Lymph fluid is:

It tightens the tissues, making it easier to remove fat; gives the patient fluids; significantly cuts blood loss and eases pain after surgery.

During Liposuction in Lahore surgery, most of the tumescent fluid drains out. However, about 20% is left behind to be slowly removed by the body or leaked out of the incision. In tumescent Liposuction, a cannula attached to a vacuum helps to remove fat. The cannula passes gently back and forth while the vacuum is on to get the desired results.


Using a Power Source for Liposuction (PAL)

In contrast to traditional Tumescent Liposuction in Lahore (above), Power-Assisted Liposuction uses a mechanical suction device (a cannula) with a tip that moves quickly back and forth. You can shape fat more precisely with less effort. In power-assisted Liposuction, the tumescent fluid helps along with the mechanical tip. This method is what Dr. Atta Ul Haq suggests for Liposuction.


Ultrasound can help with Liposuction (UAL, Vaser)

In ultrasonic Liposuction in Lahore, sound waves break up the fat so it can suck out. In addition, this method makes it possible to lose fat faster and with less effort than ever before. It makes the body hotter and more likely, fluid will build up after surgery. Both of these things can be harmful.

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A laser for Liposuction (Smart Lipo)

With laser-assisted Liposuction, a small laser applies to “melt” the fat before it sucks out. Some people think that the heat made by lasers used in assisted Liposuction in Lahore could cause the skin to tighten, making the body look slimmer. Few studies take place on this subject, but most surgeons agree that there isn’t much skin loss.

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