Overall Cost and Quality of Life after Hip Replacement surgery in India?

We worry about the expense of hip replacement operations since they are one of those procedures that illnesses like arthritis or sad incidents force us to undergo. Let’s find out how much a hip replacement costs in India in that situation.

How much does a complete hip replacement cost?

In India, hip replacement surgery can cost anywhere from US$5,700 to US$7,000. The cost of the procedure depends on a number of variables, including the type of hip replacement surgery your doctor recommends you have, your age, the sort of implants used, the doctor’s and hospital’s training and expertise, and the type of implants utilized.

Hip replacement surgery may be roughly divided into three categories:

  • The term “unilateral surgery” also applies to partial hip replacement.
  • Bilateral surgery is another name for total hip replacement.
  • Hip replacement.

Because just the head of the femur bone is replaced with the implant in unilateral surgery, but the complete hip structure is replaced in bilateral surgery, partial hip replacement surgery prices are obviously lower than total hip replacement surgery expenses. As an alternative to total hip replacement, hip resurfacing includes realigning the hip rather than replacing it. Both bone loss and dislocation are less likely as a result. The surgical implants utilized in the procedure are imported and made of steel or ceramic.

After having a hip replacement, the patient must stay in the hospital for three days before travelling to India for another two weeks of physical treatment. The daily cost of lodging, meals, and other amenities will range from USD 25 to USD 35.

In nations like the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, France, and U.A.E., the cost of a hip replacement operation typically runs between USD 11,000 and USD 30,000, which is a significantly higher sum than what it costs in India. Because of this, many people travel to India each year to have hip replacement surgery. Several individuals fly to India for Hip Replacement surgery, owing to the high quality of technology, safety, and competence in treatments, coupled with reasonable pricing.

Patients will receive the top orthopedic surgeons in India who are dedicated to giving patients from all around the world the best medical treatment. Many top orthopedic facilities in India provide cutting-edge technologies and top-notch care to foreign patients.

Do aspects of hip replacement surgery affect the price?

Hip replacement technique

Your cost is most heavily influenced by the kind of hip replacement. Your cost will thus vary depending on whether you undergo hip resurfacing, total hip replacement, or a partial hip replacement, as recommended by your doctor.

Utilized implant type

Due to the many types of hip replacement procedures, the implants used vary in size, shape, and material, all of which drive up the cost of the procedure.

Hospitals & Doctors

If you’re wondering what else can affect the price of your operation, you should know that using skilled, experienced surgeons and contemporary institutions with high standards also raises the price threshold.

Patient’s age

The fees you must charge for your procedure are also determined by your age. You become more vulnerable to a variety of hazards during your operation as you become older and develop more issues. As a result, the price of your hip replacement operation goes up.

The life after knee replacement surgery

Surgery to replace the knee India has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of patient satisfaction. When non-surgical remedies like painkillers or knee injections don’t work, it has a very high success rate. It has reportedly been shown to provide long-term advantages, relieve pain, and improve function. The patient typically needs 1-3 months to be able to walk properly without any assistance. Occasionally, it might take up to six months.

If the patient takes good care of themselves and adheres to all post-operative instructions, they might be able to get back to their regular routine.

The post-operative instructions might state that:

  • As soon as the operation is over, begin using the leg physically.
  • During the initial weeks, the patient may need to utilize crutches or canes. He or she will eventually get the ability to walk independently.
  • The physical therapist will encourage you to exercise for at least two months following surgery.
  • Follow the directions on all prescriptions.
  • After surgery, there may be mild to severe edema for three to six months. The patient is instructed to elevate the legs and apply compression by using ice packs.

Yet, various physical, social, and psychological aspects, as well as surgical technique and post-operative care, influence the patient’s quality of life.

Among these different components are:

  • Obesity- For many years, it was assumed that fat persons had greater challenges than normal-weight people. They may be more susceptible to illness or have difficulties breathing. Recent studies, however, show that the success rate of knee arthroplasty remains about the same for both obese and normal-weight patients.
  • Advanced age- In certain circumstances, persons who are too elderly are unable to adjust to and cope with changes. It cannot tolerate foreign material without an immunological response. This may jeopardize the success of knee replacement surgery.
  • Surgery at a later stage- If you are too late for surgery or have been putting it off for a long time, this may be the cause of partial healing or continuation of knee pain.
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In most situations, patients are able to return to work sedentary employment within 4-6 weeks of surgery. Having stated that, each situation is distinct from the others. Its success or failure is heavily dependent on the case’s intricacy, the patient’s medical fitness, and the patient’s level of hope. There are the top hospitals in India for knee replacement that guarantee the surgery’s success.

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