Biolife Disqualifies People with a Medical History

Biolife Plasma Disqualifications when deciding whether or not a donor is qualified to donate plasma, facilities employ a number of different ways. Many of the criteria will be recognizable to anybody who has given blood or another blood product at an American Red Cross blood drive, blood bank or other blood institution.

Biolife Plasma Disqualifications because many of the requirements for becoming a blood donor are the same as those for being a plasma donor, many people who are not eligible to donate plasma may also donate blood. In general, if you are unable to give blood, you are also unable to donate plasma and vice versa since these eligibility requirements are set by the FDA in the United States.

Biolife Plasma Disqualifications to determine if a potential donor is healthy enough to donate plasma, they will ask questions about their medical history and do a physical exam before their first donation. An info graphic detailing the six parameters contagious illnesses, total protein, vitals, hematocrit, weight, and age checked during a plasma donation.

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Based on Factors Medical Industry

After checking in at the plasma donation centre, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that evaluates your risk for contracting various communicable diseases based on factors such as your medical history, current medications, surgical or medical procedures, relevant travel history, and any recent tattoos or piercings. This form must be filled out by you for each donation you make.

Check Size and Age

A team member will check your age and weight once you have completed the health questionnaire. Biolife Plasma Disqualifications you must be between 18 and 64 years old and weigh between 110 and 400 pounds to give blood at a Parachute facility. When you come in to give blood, we’ll take your weight to provide an accurate estimate of how much plasma we can draw from you.

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Parameters that must be Monitored

We’ll take your temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. Checking your vitals before giving blood may provide doctors an idea of how you feel in general and whether or not you’ll be able to donate while feeling well. Biolife Plasma Disqualifications the team member will also inspect your veins to see whether they are healthy enough for donation. In order to donate at Parachute, your blood pressure has to be at least 90/50 and no higher than 160/100.

Limit of Body Temperature

Biolife Plasma Disqualifications at rest, a healthy pulse rate is anything from 50 to 100 beats per minute. There is a limit of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit for your core body temperature. Please remain at home and rest if you have a fever or other symptoms of illness. When you’ve recovered, we’ll get together again.

Calculated Hematocrit and Total Protein Levels

A little amount of blood will be drawn via a finger prick as part of the plasma donation screening procedure. Have no fear only a little drop or two of blood will enough for the test. Your hematocrit and total protein levels will be calculated from the blood sample. The hematocrit measures how many red blood cells are present in a given blood volume. Biolife Plasma Disqualifications donating blood causes you to lose red blood cells and iron, therefore it’s crucial to check your hematocrit before and after the procedure.

Complete Protein is Determined

The quantity of protein in your blood is determined by doing a total protein test. Specifically, it analyses the amounts of two plasma proteins called albumin and globulin. If you have any underlying health concerns that may make donating dangerous, this test can help reveal them. Donation at Parachute requires a total protein level of between 6 and 9 grammes per deciliter g/d if protein level is low Biolife Plasma Disqualifications.

Parasites That Might Be Passed Between Individuals

A nucleic acid test and a viral marker test are performed on all plasma donations to ensure their purity. These exams ensure that your plasma is free of infectious illnesses including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV before it is used in treatment. Syphilis and atypical antibody tests will also be performed on your gift by lab technicians.

Postponements for the Time Being

You will be unable to make any more donations for the time being if your giving is temporarily postponed. Temporary postponement is often recommended for patients with high blood pressure, an abnormal hematocrit, or those recovering from surgery. If you’ve just had a blood transfusion or are on a certain medicine, you may potentially qualify for a temporary postponement. Typically, temporary deferrals are only granted for a single day, but in exceptional cases, Biolife Plasma Disqualifications this period might extend to six months or even forever.

Eating well is Essential for Donating Plasma


Although it may be easier said than done, eating well is essential for donating plasma and preventing a delay. Be sure you’re well hydrated and eating sufficient of protein and iron-rich meals before each donation. Caffeine consumption should be reduced before donation since it may result in an inaccurate pulse measurement.

Test Must Be Reported by a Donor Facility

A donation facility has an obligation to promptly notify you of a positive test result for a communicable condition otherwise Biolife Plasma Disqualifications. A person who tests positive for an infectious condition is permanently postponed, meaning that they will never again be eligible to give plasma at any donation site, not only Parachute.



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