AthenaOne EHR : You Need to Know About

AthenaOne is a meaningful EHR platform serving millions of healthcare organizations and care providers. Realizing the need for mobile-compatible solutions to keep practitioners going, the vendor launched a HIPAA-compliant mobile app, AthenaOne EHR. This guide will take you through the intuitive specs of AthenaOne, and we will explore how those specs benefit healthcare practices.


As not all practices are alike, you may think it’s not what you want for your practice. For that case, we will cover to-the-point facts about Novo Clinical EHR. These days it is the strongest competitor of AthenaOne EHR, offering almost the same services as the other vendor. Novo Clinical is a multi-specialty web-based EMR solution and is rated 9 out of 10 on 10, being the best rated in terms of features which is the same as that of AthenaOne.


Let’s discover more facts about AthenaOne and its top contender without further ado.


Driving next-grade outcomes, AthenaOne is the world’s best-serving suite of integrated EHR, RCM, patient engagement, and practice management services. It is one of the most adaptable healthcare solutions that work by combining human intellect with influential technological inventions. Optimizing clinical efficiency, increasing patient retention, and streamlining administrative tasks are what AthenaOne EHR is good at.


The AthenaOne software drives practices to success by improving their bottom line. It thinks out of the box to facilitate practitioners and helps them level up their game. Ensuring a friendly clinical environment is no easy feat, but AthenaOne EHR easily accomplishes this goal. In addition, medical practices using this vendor benefit from expert advisory services and gain deep insights into their practices being a part of the AthenaOne healthcare community.

AthenaOne Mobile App

AthenaOne software is best known for its extensive mobile capabilities. It enables caregivers to manage urgent tasks on the go, no matter wherever they are. The AthenaOne EHR mobile app holds a mystic aura that is unmatchable. This robust tool adds convenience to the lives of medical professionals breaking the communication silos and helping practices achieve the impossible.

The AthenaOne Features

The salient features of AthenaOne, in addition to the mobile application, are as follows:


Electronic health records: It simplifies documentation and enables providers to make informed decisions by creating patient healthcare summaries. The EHR improves care coordination and optimizes quality performance.


Patient Engagement: AthenaOne software fosters meaningful interactions and assures active patient involvement. It helps engage patients at scale and reduces the gaps in care.


Revenue Cycle Management: The AthenaOne EHR presents a compact RCM module to speed up payments, reducing overhead costs and maximizing reimbursements.


Telehealth: The vendor supports remote healthcare services to deliver patients safer care with the utmost convenience. It simplifies the process of tending to chronic disease patients.

How AthenaOne EHR Mobile App Benefits Practitioners

No More Workplace restrictions: With the AthenaOne app, doctors embrace flexibility to catch up on work even outside the office boundaries, improving clinical efficiency.


Data Access: Users get to have crucial patient data at their fingertips all the time, which reduces the care gaps resulting in better outcomes.


Sign Orders: The AthenaOne EHR mobile app allows physicians to request and sign lab test orders as it supports e-signature service


Group Video Conferencing: Practitioners benefit by adding up to four individuals into video consultation; this way, teammates can play a role in the virtual encounters.


Task Management: All urgent tasks can be handled effortlessly in one go using the AthenaOne EHR mobile app. Data confidentiality is the vendor’s top priority, so clinical information stays safe on the cloud.


Customizable Workflows: The app of AthenaOne adapts to providers’ working habits and allows them to use already customized templates and macros to work freely.

NovoClinical: The Top Contender

NovoClinical is a high-grade EHR solution known for its modular design infrastructure. The adaptability, integration, and customizability of this vendor know no bounds. The solution itself is designed by practicing physicians and thus knows the delicacy of clinical, operational management. This meaningful use certified solution supports API and HL7 integrations. NovoClinical EHR not only provides data security but endless mobility as well.


Novo Clinical Features:

Novo Clinical offers an exclusive feature range for care providers. Its diverse feature spectrum leaves providers in awe, for they get all top-quality services under one roof. The features NovoClinical EMR offers are:


EHR: It works to simplify patient encounters by offering 360 practice-driven solutions. With this vendor, providers can practice medicine the way it’s meant to be.


Billing Management: Novo Clinical provides coding assistance to fasten the bills and claims processing. It leads to improved payment collections and a healthier financial structure.


Templates: The custom templates of this vendor are a plus. They make charting easier for the providers. There are even some reporting templates so providers can generate to-the-point reports in no time.


Revenue cycle management: This feature ensures that doctors get paid rightly. It provides appropriately filed claims, runs eligibility checks, and conducts performance reports.


Chronic care management: The CCM module by Novo Clinical increases clinical productivity and patient satisfaction. Using it, physicians can deliver accurate care to affected patients.


Telemedicine: The telehealth service by NovoClinial EMR allows providers to deliver care to patients unable to come over for their treatment. This remote functionality offers convenience to patients.


NovoClinical Portal: The patient portal of NovuClinial is as robust as that of AthenaOne. It enables patients to stay updated on their treatment progress, boosting their engagement in care.


Tablets: Novu Clinical EHR is compatible with hand-held gadgets. With internet access for on-the-go task processing, physicians can handle the care and clinical tasks from anywhere.


Auto check-in: This service is designed to relieve front-desk administrators of the tiring check-in process. Patients can check in automatically, and the system upgrades the status.

AthenaOne vs NovuClinical

Making the decision is hard. Both AthenaOne and NovuClinical are rich in features and are known for their user-friendly interfaces. They offer almost the same functionalities like telehealth, medical billing, mobile compatibility, etc. However, AthenaOne EHR scores the ground by featuring a technologically advanced mobile app. NovuClinical also offers mobile compatibility, but that doesn’t match the level of AthenaOne EHR as per the care providers.

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