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Known around the world as an alpine meadow pass, Kuari Pass Trek is often visited by backpackers and hikers. There are three beautiful camping grounds on the way: Guling, Chitrakanth and Tali. There is a feeling of taking part in a full-scale Himalayan alpine expedition, laden with snow along the trail from Tali Top to Kuari Pass.

Make your summer activities exciting as you travel to these exotic locations with your best friend. If you have an adventurous friend, take a trip to the top of the mountain. A Himalayan high mountain pass called Kuari, meaning “doorway”, is located in the Garhwal region of northern India, south of the Tibetan border and on the western edge of the “Nanda Devi Sanctuary”. The Kuari Pass trek rose to prominence in the mid-20th century and has been remembered ever since by intrepid explorers and mountaineers like Lord Curzon, Eric Shipton and Bill Tillman.


History of Kuari Pass:

Quarry Pass is mainly famous for its track which has its own history. It is believed that this trek route was popularized by some British officials like Lord Curzon, Eric Shipton and Bill Tillman. As the story goes, these men used this particular passage for their expedition in 1905 which is why it became famous in the first place. Thus, sometimes, even to this day, many refer to it as the Curzon Trail.

Main attraction of Kuari Pass


1. Ancient forest:


While visiting the Quarry Pass, you can witness the lush beauty of the ancient forest. It is believed that these oaks and rhododendrons are almost ancient. As you walk among the trees, you can witness sweeping views of nature’s incredible scenery.


  1. Campsite:

 These campsites on the Quarry Pass trek introduce you to some other level of fun and excitement. Agree that trekking is not a piece of cake, however, it is the moments of joy when you are on an adventure that count the most and help you bond with your tribe. There are mainly two campsites namely Chitrakatha Campsite and Khullara Campsite.


3. Mountain view:


 From day one, you can witness the most breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks like Mount Nanda Devi and Dronagiri. And, as you move forward, you will see more and more mountains and the open sky welcomes you with its stunning views.

After a long time if you want to fulfill your wish the for trekking the Kuari Pass. The amazed by trekking in Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand, Kuari Pass. Very crowded, winter trek is what everyone calls these, need a little offbeat where at least there will be no crowd, just leave the plains and go to the mountains in search of some peace and see the crowd again. No, that’s not happening, so you finally came up with Kuari Pass Trek. Kuari pass is a very popular trek route. It is crowded throughout the year, but from the last week of December to January, there is more snow and temperatures well below freezing, so no one usually wants to go there after January. So you can decided on Kuari Pass.

Wake up and see that there was snow on the ceiling and inside of the tent, along with your sleeping bags, rucksacks, jackets and everything else, it is amazing!  Later you will  realize that they were actually caused by our poor administration, the temperature dropped a lot at night. At 7 o’clock in the morning, seeing the breathtaking view of the sunrise, everyone prepared themselves somehow in the cold. Today’s destination is the famous Kuari Pass!



After finishing your breakfast go for out to conclude the expedition. Along with snow boots and gaiters, you can decided to wear crampons, as a result of which the weight of my feet has increased by leaps and bounds. Although your leader have experienced in your group, the rest had no experience of walking on ice after this, so they were having a little more trouble, but there is nothing to be done, the difficulty has to be overcome. So they were silently bearing all the hardships. In the beginning, it will be difficult to walk because of the hard ice, but as the time went on, the heat of the sun continued to melt the ice, the feet started to enter the ice and the difficulty of walking increased by leaps and bounds. There were places where there is about 5 feet of snow, the walking stick is going all the way in! Passing those places with great dedication, you can move towards the pass, it’s like an ice sea! All you can see is ice. Slowly walking like this, you can finally reached the pass. 

Just come down that one way, on the way back you spent one night at Khullara, trampled the ice road and passed through Tugashi village and came back to Dhak village by car to Joshimath. From there take Haridwar and then back to your end journey. 


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