How to Build Your Own Skateboard: A Step-by-Step Guide 

How to Build Your Own Skateboard: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Kids watch DIY videos on the internet and are very impressed by them. They also want to create things by themselves at home by using DIY things. If your kid is asking you to help them create an adorable skateboard at home, these steps will help you create a skateboard. 

This article is a step to step guide to creating a skateboard that is safe for kids to play on. Also, if you cannot create a skateboard or don’t have time for these activities, you can take your kids to a toy store and bring readymade skateboards for them. 

It will also excite them. But if you also want to make it with your kid, follow these steps. Let’s have a look

5 Steps to Build Your Own Skateboard 

If you are a kid, they ask you to create a fantastic skateboard at home. Then there are the five steps you should follow to build your skateboard. Check these out!

  1. Add a Grip Tape to the Deck

If you have a wood plank and want to create a skateboard out of it. Then you have to add. Grip tape to it. It will keep the grip of the skate board good, and your kid will not fall off it. When you are putting the grip tape, then keep in mind that it should not have any kind of bubbles on it because it will disturb the arrangement of the skateboard. 

You have to file the edges properly so your kid will not get any cuts by it. But adding a grip tape is optional if your kids’ skateboard is already gripped.

  1. Pop Holes for the Tires

The next step is to make holes for the tires. Therefore, you must flip the deck and mark the tire’s position with a pencil. You have to make eight holes for truck bolts. You can pop holes with the drill. 

Keep a proper and measured distance between the tires so they do not overlap. Adjust the holes of tires according to the age of your kid. It will be easier for the kid to ride these skateboards in comparison to the electric skateboard. 

  1. Insert the Truck Bolts

To make the tires adjust properly, and to avoid getting disturbed, you have to insert the truck bolts in it. It will keep the tires in their place. They will make your kid do different stunts. You also have to put the truck bolts on the nose of the plank so it can be used as a break when their kids need to stop the skateboard. You can create something awesome by following these easy steps, and your impressive skateboard will be ready.

  1. Add the Trucks and Tighten the Nuts

The next step will play a high role in making adorable skateboards. You must attach the trucks to the particular place, then take the Allen key and tighten the nuts. They will transport the trucks to their desired place and ensure your kid is safe.

You have to tighten the nuts correctly therefore, the kid will be safe while playing with the DIY skateboard made at home. If you put the trucks and nuts wrongly, then all your skateboards will be a total flop. This is a significant step, so you have to do it effectively.

  1. Fit Bearings and Truck Axles

The last step is all about fitting some bearings and axles. First, you have to place the bearing on the tires; each one needs two bearings. That means you have to fit around 8 bearings and just them properly. 

Getting them wrong is a total disappointment. Lastly, you must fix the truck axles by adding the teachers to the tires. It will help your skateboard tires spin more freely and increase their speed. By following all these steps, your skateboard will be ready.

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