How Can You Play Your Favorite Board Games on Digital Platforms

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Although making money from online gaming involves uncertainty, it can not stop the proliferation of online games globally. The domain is risky, but adequate skills and rules can save you in the long run. 

Learning the rules to play carrom board games is the most effective hack that improves your game. Maintaining an accurate position throughout the game is equally important. 

How to play carrom and win money online?

Carrom has immense popularity throughout the globe. Online gaming is convenient due to its accessibility and simple methods of playing! 

If you are playing an online carrom board game, you have to pocket all the assigned pieces. It means they have to collect either all the white or all-black ones. In the case of professional matches, once you make this arrangement, assign the Queen, followed by the last assigned coin for cover. 

Try pocketing all the assigned pieces to win the match. 

Best carrom board trick shots

  • Side shot
  • Middle shot
  • Cut and take
  • Thumb hot
  • Alley-oop
  • Second hit
  • Board shot
  • Cut shot

6 Most Useful Carrom Hack

  1. Playing with the right attitude
  2. Practicing different striking styles 
  3. Practicing accurate speed
  4. Getting the right direction to strike
  5. Positioning yourself comfortably
  6. Giving due importance to the Queen.

Online Ludo Game

Originating from the Indian game Pachisi, more than just a game, the ludo is an emotion. The fun of the game, with cheating, arguing, and even turning the board upside down, can bring people closer. There are numerous free-to-play mobile apps for ludo game online, which are available on Android and iOS platforms for you to install on your device.

So you plan to pay with your family members? Start by choosing four players and determine who will take the arms in the game. Players must roll the dice to get six and unlock the pawn turn by turn. 

After unlocking all pawns, all players get into the race to win the game. To win, they have to reach the home of the players.

How to Play Your Favourite Ludo Game Online: 

To win, you need to come up with a winning strategy. Following are some beneficial tricks to help you. 

Open All the Tokens 

Rolling 6s is something you cannot control because it depends on luck. It helps you open all the tokens and reach the home triangle. 

Avoid Racing with A Single Token

When all four tokens reach the home triangle, you can declare yourself the winner. Try to move them simultaneously rather than using one only. 

Spread your tokens out all over the board. It would help you form a block or grab other opponents’ tokens by giving you a chance to win. 

Grab the Opponent’s Tokens 

The game demands sending your opponent’s tokens back to their play yard. 

Try to block The Opponent’s Tokens

Keep a close eye on the board to block your opponent’s tokens. It will give you a better chance to turn the game in your favor. Thus, allowing you to win the same.   

Keep Your Tokens in A Safe Place 

If you see that a toke is about to reach the home triangle, leave it as it is and move those opponents that find it difficult to grab.

Decide Your Game play 

Everyone has unique game play. One needs to decide before starting the game. Play safe and increase the possibility of winning.  

Why should you play ludo online?

Ludo keeps us entertained. The game’s popularity and technological advent have made it reach our fingertips, where we can play solo with random players without looking for a real partner.

Playing ludo online comes with numerous benefits. For example, the dice roll in an online ludo app is done automatically within the game, whereas, in the physical game, you must roll out the die by hand. It removes the chances of tampering with the numbers. Online ludo allows you to play in a single-player mode or multiplayer mode. 

Compared to traditional ludo, online ludo is fast-paced. 

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