Why Is Blue World City Islamabad A Good Investment Option?

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is the twin cities’ fastest-growing and developing real estate project. The project stands alone from the rest of the residential and commercial real estate projects due to its ideal location and the facilities it provides to the residents. If we check the ranking of the projects, it comes at the top list. So, this article aims to inform investors why Blue World City is a good investment option. Let’s get to know more about this project in detail. 

Blue World City

Blue World City is a real estate project that holds enormous importance due to its infinite opportunities. It is also why investors have a great chance of doubling their investments in no time. In addition, it provides the residents with the best lifestyle to live their desired life. The developer of this major residential project is Blue Group of Companies. They have partnered with a Chinese company for the development of this project. Shah Jian Municipal engineering is a company responsible for developing this society to the best international standards. 

The blue world city location is also ideal as the society is on the Main Adyala Road with easy accessibility to major landmarks. It is near the new Lahore Islamabad Airport, and people consider this a Pak-China Friendly project. The accessibility of the society is also minimal from the CPEC route and Rawalpindi Ring Road. 

Features and Facilities

  • Let’s come to the features and facilities of the Blue World City:
  • It is a gated community.
  • There is a verification system installed at the gate entrance. 
  • From the Chakri Road and Thalian interchange, the society is at a distance of 5 minutes. 
  • At the gate, there are high-quality CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance.
  • Twenty-four hours and seven days services of ambulance and hospital are available. 
  • E-tag system
  • race tracks, mosques, schools, and parks
  • Playground
  • Green service area
  • small golf club
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Blue mart stores

These are the most common Blue world City features that are the basic requirement for all. In addition, there are the best tourist attractions available in the BWC that attract not only local investors but also international investors.  

BWC Properties

Blue World City owners & developers ensure that all kinds of investors can get something in society and real value for their money. So, you will come across a wide range of commercial and residential p


You will come across various commercial and residential plots in BWC, Islamabad. The sizes of the plots available in Blue World City are different from block to block. In the general block, you will find 5, 8, 10, 20, and 40 Marla plots. In the overseas block, the available plots are 7, 10, 14, 20, and 40 Marla. In the Awami block, the available plots are 2.5- 5, Marla. In the Blue Hills Farm Houses, you can find the plots of 4-16 Kanal. 

Nearby Places of Blue World City 

Location and the nearby places to any society are the most important when it comes to investment in the real estate market. Experienced real estate investors also love to invest in properties that are located in the ideal location and have great importance in the real estate market. It is because of the reason that investments in such projects offer a higher return with great profit. 

The nearby areas of the Blue World City are Chakri Road, the CPEC route, Chakri Interchange, and New Islamabad International Airport. After the approval of the blue world city NOC, the project’s overall value has also increased, and now people want to invest more in this project. 

  • Farms in Green Oaks
  • The new Islamabad airport
  • Kashmir Highway
  • Lahore- Islamabad M2 Motorway
  • Chakri Motorway Model Exchange
  • New Rawalpindi Ring Road

These are the accessible and easy-to-reach areas from Blue World City Islamabad. 

Why Do You Need To Invest In It?

The primary justification for investing in this program is the Blue Group of Companies’ impressive track record and the knowledge and reliability of the city’s owners. Furthermore, it is the first Chinese investment in a real estate project in Pakistan and was planned, considered, and settled with the assistance of a Chinese business. As was already mentioned, it is situated in a prime area with all the major cities and sites close by. Additionally, this city is close to the CPEC Route, which will significantly contribute to the region’s socioeconomic growth and offer a wealth of business prospects.

Along with captivating attractions like A Grand Mosque replica of the large Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, the World’s largest Horse Mascot, Burj-ul-Arab, Asia’s Largest Water Theme Park, and Oxygen Park, it makes for a luxurious place to live. As mentioned above, all basic and advanced facilities are also available, making it a luxurious place to live. Additionally, suitable installment plans at reasonable pricing are offered. Additionally, it is safe to claim that the investment in this residential project involves securing significant profit margins and will always be successful and behave well even during periods of economic crisis.

Blue World City Payment Plan

Last but not least is the Blue World City payment plan. The project has the most affordable prices of all plots, so investors can invest in it and book their desired plots. In addition, there is also an offer to pay the amount in easy installments. The installment plan makes it easy for investors to pay the amount in half-yearly and quarterly installments. So, it is a good option from all points. Also, we suggest you consider Citi Housing Kharian, the next best investment option. 

End Note

In the article, we have discussed why Blue World City is the best option for investment. All the details about the society are available in detail which means that as an investor, you can read the article and decide whether it is a good choice for you. But if you ask us for a decision, we conclude this article with the view that there is no other best real estate project in twin cities except Blue World City.

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