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What are the best types of blackout blinds? The ultimate buyer’s guide

Although many window therapies are designed to control the quantity of light entering a room, the majority will still allow some light to shine through. Not so with blackout blinds– as the name suggests, these window coverings are mainly designed to block out all light, making them a suitable choice for anyone trying to find complete darkness.

Blackout blinds are created to block out the sunlight in its entirety. They’re a prominent option for rooms, home theater, media rooms, and offices, where complete darkness is crucial for a good night’s rest, daytime naps, or continuous work.

But before you go out and get blackout blinds, there are a couple of things you require to know. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll check what light-blocking blinds are, the different types offered, and the advantages they provide. We’ll additionally supply some suggestions on determining blackout blinds for your house.

Types of blackout Home Window Shades

Here we discuss the eight types of blackout blinds shades

  • Roman Shades

One of the most flexible home window materials, roman tones can be made from various products, consisting of material, bamboo, timber, or plastic. They are generally one piece of textile that elevates up and down like a drape, and also they come in a selection of styles, including level, hobbled (pleated), or falls.

Roman shades are also available in a blackout design. Blackout roman tones utilize a much heavier material to block the light completely, and the shade can be increased or decreased as required.

  • Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are similar to roman shades, yet they have a collection of wrinkles instead of one big drape. This style is offered in both Blackout and also non-blackout varieties.

  • Honeycomb shades

The honeycomb shade is a more recent design of home window therapy that has rapidly become prominent. The shade comprises small, hexagon-shaped cells forming a honeycomb pattern. This style is readily available in both Blackout and non-blackout varieties.

  • Cellular Shades

A cellular shade comprises tiny, round cells that develop an air pocket between the cells. The air pocket in every compartment helps shield the window and keep the area more relaxed in the summertime and warmer in the winter.

  • Motorized Shades

Outstanding technology for home window treatments is the motorized color. This design can be elevated and lowered with the touch of a button, making it best for hard-to-reach home windows or windows high up on the wall.

  • Top-down Upside down

Most home window treatments can be increased from an all-time low up, but a few can likewise be lowered from the top down. The top bottom-up design is best for those who want to allow all-natural light while maintaining the space’s privacy.

It is also an excellent choice for those who wish to avoid adjusting the height of their blinds each time they want to allow or block out the light.

  • Cordless

Corded blinds pose a safety threat, specifically for small children and pet dogs. Because of this, numerous property owners are selecting cordless blinds. These shades are either motorized or operated with a pole and are available in a selection of designs.

  • Woven Wood shade

Woven wood shades are an excellent alternative for an all-natural, even Bohemian appearance. These shades are made from various products, including bamboo, hemp, seagrass, and maize. They come in both Blackout and non-blackout varieties. Some individuals likewise favor selecting a wood shade.

These are just a few of the many home window shades offered on the marketplace today. They can also be combined and matched; for example, you might select to mount a cordless blackout cellular shade or a cordless top-down honeycomb.

With such a range to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which design is best for you– yet with a little research study, you make sure to find the excellent color for your home.


Whether you’re a shift worker, a light sleeper, or like to have some peace in your bedroom during the day, Blackout blinds are a terrific method to get it. They can additionally be helpful if you have a warm window, keeping your space too intense in the morning. If you’re ready to block light, conserve energy, and obtain a good night’s sleep, a collection of blackout blinds is the way to go. Please take a look at our extensive range and delightful browsing!


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