Various Types of Wood Fences and Which One is Right for You

If you’re considering putting up a wood fence, you may be wondering which type is best for your needs and backyard space. Wood fences can come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs and there are many things you may want to consider before deciding which style would be best for your needs. 


With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right type of fence for your needs. The following guide will help you understand the different types of wood fences and how they can further help you design your home.


Here are some of the most common types of wood fences:


1) Picket Fence

Picket Fence is probably the most common type of wood fences. Usually 3 to 4 feet high, these fences are named for their widely spaced pointy-topped pickets, which discourage climbing and shed raindrops. A picket fence is best if you want a classic look in your home, and they are so versatile that they can be used as an all-wood fence as well as mixed with other materials. This type of wood fence is recommended for homes in rural areas because it allows homeowners to keep an eye on the yard from their windows. this fence are best for Front yards, Gardens and Pool enclosures.


2) Post and Rail Fence

This low-cost fence, which was originally used to hold livestock, also serves as a strong boundary between properties. Post-and-rail fences use sturdy wooden or metal posts at intervals to support wooden rails which are typically 3 to 4 feet high. Post-and-rail fences are often designed with spaces in between the rails, so they can easily be customized to fit in with your garden or landscaping. The low cost of this fence also makes it an ideal solution for homeowners on a budget. This type of fence is best for Outdoor Play areas like Gardens and Pool Enclosures and for gardens and allotments. It is also popular because it allows the grass to grow through at various heights.


3) Wood Lattice Fences

This type of wood fences is a great option for homeowners because it allows for multiple uses. You can use this fence as an attractive garden feature, or you can use it as a privacy or security barrier. The main advantage to this type of wood fence is that the lattice provides a lush look and feel to the garden, and it does not require frequent maintenance.


4) Louver Fence

This fencing is becoming more and more popular because of its unique style. Louver fencing is slightly rustic, and it creates an attractive line in your garden or yard. This type of wood fence is great for those who want a stylish garden or yard, but with the added benefit of fencing. This fencing is easy to install, and it can be customized to match your home’s style.


5) Vertical Board Fence

This type of wood fence is one of the more costly options, yet it is also one of the most durable and long-lasting options. The vertical board fences are constructed by placing vertical planks in a row, and they can be customized to suit the needs of the homeowner. These fences can also be painted or stained to match your home’s color scheme or those of your neighborhood.


6) Composite Wood Fence

Composite wood is a product made from recycled materials such as plastic and wood scraps. The recycled material is used to manufacture the composite product, and then it is used in outdoor products such as fences. These composite fences look similar to their other wood counterparts because they are often made with pressure-treated lumber or redwood. These fences are recommended for homeowners who want to go green, but who still want the look of traditional wooden fences.

Now, that you know about the different types of wood fences, it’s time to decide which one is best for your needs.

When you’re considering which type of wood fence best suits your needs, consider these factors:

Factors That You Should Consider When Choosing the Right Wood

1) Budget –

you need to consider your budget, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The cost of each type of wood fence differs, so it is best to research the prices for each type to determine which one will be best for your needs.s


2)  Local Weather

you need to know how hard the weather is in your area, because some of the more delicate types of wood fences will not hold up well under heavy rains or strong winds. Once you know what kinds of weather you are likely to experience, you can narrow down your options to the point where there will be no surprises when it comes to durability and functionality.


3) Maintenance

you need to know how much time is required for maintenance. Wooden fences require regular upkeep, especially if you want them to last a long time. You will have to clean them and seal them every once in a while, so make sure you are aware of how much maintenance each type of wood fence requires so that you can focus on the ones that fit best in your schedule.


4) Wood Species & Vulnerability to Insects –

Termites may cause damage to several types of wood. You should be aware of which wood species are vulnerable to insect infestation. Choose a wood that has not been pressure treated or has natural repellent characteristics.

After you’ve gathered all the information about the different types of wood fences, it’s time to make a final decision. A good fence is an elegant addition to any home, and it can increase the value of your property. Whether you need a privacy barrier in your back yard or a sturdy security fence around your front yard, wooden fences are a great choice for you. Before you choose one, make sure that you consider the factors listed in this article to ensure that your decision will benefit you for years to come.

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