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6 Things Vancouver Home Inspector Look Before Buying the House

If you’re under contract for an apartment, it’s easy to fall in love with its potential. However, you’ll require an honest house inspection before you get in bliss all day. In a home inspection, an experienced inspector looks and physically inspects the entire structure, from the foundation to the top. They look for possible flaws or warning signs. What exactly are the things Vancouver home inspectors will look for? These are six things that an inspector should look for.

Basic security features

The safety of a house is the main issue for any home inspector. This is why a large portion of items on the home inspector’s checklist are safety things. The items they’re looking for are:

  • Smoke detectors are they present in the house? Contain these? Do they have the correct installation and are at suitable locations (in or close to sleeping areas, but away from the cooking area)?
  • Ground fault interrupters. These plugs shield you from electric shock in places with electricity and water near, for example, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Security glass Do you have glass elements installed near water or stairs (like showers and tubs) constructed from tempered safety glass?
  • Steps Do the stairs have an even, safe size and angle? Are they built by standards? Are they equipped with handrails and guardrails that are installed correctly and placed in the correct places?

The foundation and the exterior ‘envelope.’

Whatever the property’s age, your inspector will inspect the foundational “envelope” that shields the structure from water and weather. The inspector will explore the property to look for any cracks that may be present in the foundation and take a look at the drainage system, gutters, flashings, as well as window seals.

The Vancouver Home Inspector will also look at how the roof and walls cross. In other words, the inspector wouldn’t like to see a lot of caulk, as it usually means the home is not adequately waterproofed. When done correctly, waterproofing is an integral part of your home’s design and not something added later on

The roof

A Vancouver home inspector can determine if a roof has been correctly constructed by a professional or poorly or by someone who isn’t a professional. They’ll want to ensure that your roof is built correctly and isn’t showing signs of wear or damage and shield your home from weather elements. They’ll also ensure openings like chimneys or skylights are correctly sealed, flashed and free from debris and moss

Roofs require replacement now and then. This is a costly procedure. As part of the audit report, the inspector usually estimates the number of good years your roof is left before you decide to replace it.

Major systems: electrical, plumbing, etc.

The Vancouver home inspector will examine every one of your home’s vital internal equipment, from electrical and plumbing to air conditioning and heating.

  • Air and heating: How well does the heating and cooling system work? Are they able to serve all areas of the home equally? Are there adequate airflows throughout the house? If there is an air return, is it correctly placed and designed to be able to serve the entire house effectively?
  • Plumbing Inspections examine whether your plumbing system is in excellent condition, can supply sufficient water to the house, and drains properly. One last item you want is leaky pipes that allow water into your new house and cause mould or flooding. This is also the time to discover if your home has adequate pressure and water flow.
  • Electrical power is a vital part of modern life; however, it can be risky. An inspector will verify that your electrical system is secure, has enough power to the home, and is set up and appropriately grounded. They’ll also ensure that there are sufficient outlets.


Fumes that threaten health can accumulate within a home if appliances that use natural gas or oil, such as water heaters, aren’t correctly installed and set up. A proper ventilation system is essential. A lot of these appliances come with safety features. However, an experienced inspector should ensure that the safety device works properly.

In addition to looking at the ventilation of the water heater, the inspection will test the temperature at which it is operating to ensure that the tap water isn’t hot enough to cause harm to anyone. Furthermore, he will ensure that the dryers have adequate vents to collect lint and then expel hot air. This can help to prevent fires in the home.

The signs of a specialist are needed

Certain conditions or areas may require further inspection, typically by a specialist with specific equipment. A reputable inspector knows when to call the experts or has an extensive network of experts they can refer you to.

Fireplaces are one aspect which is always subject to a thorough evaluation. The inspector will want to ensure that they’re venting well and that fireplaces with wood burning don’t present a situation in which National Fire Protection Association considers a danger. If they spot something suspicious in the condition, your inspector may suggest an inspection of the fireplace.

The Vancouver home inspector uses a camera designed for the job to inspect the inside of the flue and chimney.

Sewers are another aspect that requires extra attention, mainly when a house is older. A septic issue hidden in your lawn could be among the most costly repairs a homeowner will have to undertake.


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