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What are the advantages of using epoxy Resin Driveway on floors?

The versatility of epoxy Resin Driveway , in terms of characteristics and benefits, allows it to be adapted to all types of floors and environments. Especially since it is waterproof, non-slip and very easy to keep clean . For this reason it is used in places where hygiene is essential, such as hospitals or laboratories. But its price also made it a trend in homes.

Chemical resistant

One of the great advantages of this material is that it resists corrosion from chemical agents, so it allows sanitizing with any product as many times as necessary.

Stain resistant

In addition, it is waterproof, it does not absorb fats or liquids that may fall on it, therefore it is a stain-resistant floor.

Good support

An important characteristic of a floor to decide the environment where to apply it is to know if it supports heavy traffic. This type of cladding has a high bearing capacity without sustaining damage. For this reason it is used in car parks and heavy machinery.

Applicable on any surface

There is no need to remove or level the existing floor, it can be applied directly. Covers ceramic, concrete, wood or other surfaces. This quality makes the renovation time much shorter, lowering the installation price.


The properties of great resistance to humidity, chemical products and high temperatures make it an ideal coating for kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its resistance to high traffic, it can also be used outdoors and in the garage. Therefore, it is an ideal coating for all rooms in a home.

Variety of colors and finishes

You no longer have to worry about following the style of the environment. With epoxy Resin Driveway you can choose the tone that you like best and give it the best matte or glossy finish and why not vitrify so that everything is in harmony.

If you like to innovate and want to print a seascape or forest landscape on your floor, you just have to ask for it. Everything is possible thanks to new technologies that allow a 3D design to be applied, such as landscapes, to the floor of that very special room.

Easy maintenance

The absence of joints allows easy cleaning of the entire floor in a single pass. Since it does not absorb, it only needs to be disinfected to remove everything that has been left or dumped on it.

Self leveling

The finish of this coating will always be smooth and continuous without worrying about the floor that you want to cover. Therefore, it is ideal for giving a new face and visually expanding small environments.

Short drying time

The work time is very short, because you do not need to remove the previous floor. You only have to apply the necessary products, smooth it and wait for the drying time. Which is approximately 8 hours. Allowing that after 24 hours they can circulate on it in a current way.

Does not contain solvents

The absence of solvents during its application facilitates its application. Since the floor can be reformed by rooms without affecting the other rooms of the house, because it does not give off strong odors during its installation.

What are the drawbacks of applying this coating?

After seeing all the advantages of this material as a floor covering, we must review the drawbacks that it presents at the time of its installation to know if it is ideal or not for our home.

Skilled labor

The smooth finish is achieved by applying an appropriate technique, therefore, even if it is a product that is quick to apply and dries if it is not well installed, the finish will not be as expected.

The preparation of the material also derives the time that the floor will last in perfect condition. Therefore, the more skilled the flooring installer is, the better it will look and the longer it will last.

Luckily, you are in the right place, here we give you a list of professionals who apply epoxy Resin Driveway to the floor and are satisfactorily recommended by their own clients.

And if what worries you most is the price, we provide you with a reference price list .

Hard to change

Herein lies the crux of its drawbacks. Once you decide on it, you cannot easily change it. It is a material that can be difficult to change, so if in the future you decide to carry out a reform to renew it, it is a factor that must be considered.

To maintain its smooth finish, you may need to apply an extra coat every tens of years. This can be done by sectors or in the whole environment.

May show blemishes

Although it is not necessary to touch up the base floor, it is important to check that it does not have significant imperfections that can be noticed on the layer that is applied of resin. The installer will be able to determine that the floor is in good condition to ensure a professional finish.

How long do epoxy Resin Driveway floors last?

The duration of the epoxy Resin Driveway floor depends on several factors, among them is the installation. If it has been done by a professional, the correct handling of the materials and the thickness of the material were taken into account. The thicker the top layer, the more years it will last.

In some cases it is necessary to add a layer of another material such as urethane to protect the top layer from scratches and prevent abrasions that can lead to the accumulation of germs or simply an inadequate view of the environment.

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Another factor that influences the duration of this floor covering is traffic. In some cases it is necessary to apply an extra layer, especially if it is a parking lot for heavy machinery.

Abrasives used in some labs can do minimal damage to the top coat. Therefore, frequent spills can cause damage and wear down the epoxy resin.

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