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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right APC Surge Arrest Surge Protector

The annual cost of power surges is high. Millions of dollars are spent each year on the power surge protection in order to save businesses and homes from being cut off from the power supply. Industrial power supplies, utility substations, public utility companies, and commercial buildings all have surge protectors in place to keep out the storm but they can also be expensive and add up over time. A proper APC surge protector will detect the new incoming surges so they can be dealt with before they do any damage to your equipment. 

The right APC Surge Arrest Surge Protector will feature advanced protections such as overcurrent, overload, short circuit, and thermal shutdown for a higher degree of safety than your typical one. The best protectors also have intelligent features that make it easier for you to choose the right one for your particular needs. If you own a business or house, then you already know that regular maintenance is essential in order to keep your equipment running efficiently during storms. 

However, what you may not know is just how important it is to get the right APC surge protector for your business or home. Without an appropriate surge protector, your electrical system will most likely suffer from: Over current: Your electrical circuits are made up of resistance tubes that conduct electricity by way of capacitance (an electric charge). When there’s more electricity flowing through them than there should be, they heat up and create surges which can overload your equipment and lead to failure. Over-current protection is usually found at breakers so that when there’s

Over Current Protection

Over-current protection is a common feature of surge protectors. It works by letting you know if there is a problem with the circuit itself or with the outlet which is connected to it. If the latter, you can unplug the surge protector and see if the problem is fixed or if it is merely a bad outlet. 

Some surge protectors feature over current protection to prevent equipment from being overloaded if a large number of appliances are connected to a single circuit. Current protection is usually turned off in portable devices like laptops and smartphones. When it is turned on, you will most likely notice a buzzing or rumbling sound as the device tries to deal with the incoming current.

What is Short Circuit Protection?

Short circuit protection trips your devices when an equipment’s neutral wire comes in contact with another wire which is not properly connected. Common problems with this type of connection include loose neutral connective tissue, open wire connections, and poorly insulated wiring. 

When a short circuit occurs, the electricity flowing through the system will be significantly higher than normal, damaging your equipment. Some devices feature short circuit protection, while others do not. If you are unsure which type of protection you have on your equipment, you should probably err on the side of having too much more protection than you need.

What is Thermal Shutdown Protection?

If a device does not shut off the power to itself after a set time has elapsed, it will heat up to the point where the device is not conducive. If the device has thermal protection, then it will shut off automatically at a set temperature which will help to reduce damage caused by overheating. Some devices feature thermal shutdown protection to prevent damage caused by excessively high temperatures.

What does a Surge protective Cord Do?

A surge protective cord is a standard electrical connector that is specifically designed to be used with surge protectors. These protectors are designed to detect and shut off the high-speed electrical surges that occur during a power outage. 

The surge-protecting cord allows you to plug your equipment directly into the wall so that it does not receive a negative charge from the surge protector. The surge protector will then be able to filter out the harmful components from the proper parts which will allow the equipment to function properly.


Surge protectors can help to protect your equipment from damage caused by frequent, large-scale electrical outages. They can also be used to protect your house from frequent, smaller-scale outages. 

While surge protectors can help to protect your equipment from damage caused by frequent, large-scale outages, they can also be used to protect your house from frequent, smaller-scale outages. Moreover, they can also be used to protect your computer and other devices from being fried by lightning strokes. Learn more>>>

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