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The 5 trends for your home in 2023

Are you thinking of starting a project or reform and are you looking for inspiration? Discover the best interior and exterior design trends for your home in 2023. Nature-inspired elements to bold color choices, homeowners have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to updating their living spaces.

1 Materials that favor energy saving

There is no denying that energy conservation dominates our lives nowadays. This not only signifies a transformation in the present, but it also heralds the beginning of a more sustainable future thanks to the energy efficiency improvements already in place.

Durable materials that promote thermal insulation are becoming more and more crucial when developing new projects or making renovations to your home, and natural brown stone stands out among them. Stone is one of the greatest materials for all applications and projects because of its inherent qualities of thermal inertia and durability.

2 Nature in your home

The current reality that leads us in search of greater sustainability and protection of the ecosystem brings with it a greater need for connection with nature . Whether through decoration or through the materials chosen, people try to create their own natural oasis in their own home .

With the unique circumstances of 2020, trends like cottage core started to emerge, and not only have they become established trends but they are also getting stronger with each passing year. This aesthetic incorporates components that promote more serenity, sustainability, and simplicity. For others, it even becomes a lifestyle.

On the one hand, more people are choosing to leave city life and purchase a home in less crowded areas; on the other hand, we find apartments and houses in more cosmopolitan settings with decorative touches that conjure up images of a bucolic existence in a rural setting that includes the aesthetics of country houses (cottages) and farms.

3 Open kitchens with islands

In recent years, the way we live together every day in our homes has changed. The distribution of home spaces in the new trends for 2023 clearly reflects this. The days of keeping the kitchens locked off from the rest of the house and isolating the cook from the other rooms are long gone.

It’s true that this separation of areas was also done to keep the smells from the kitchen from permeating the entire house. But, this issue is resolved thanks to advances in ventilation  and extraction of air Due to this and the requirement to design spaces where the living room and kitchen can cohabit with one another and the people there, open kitchens with islands are becoming more common.

This central structure can be used to visually divide spaces , such as the kitchen and dining room, or to divide areas within the kitchen itself . This transition between areas means that, on occasions, the island can be divided between a work space and a bar area with stools where you can eat, drink or live.

A central island adds to the feeling of space. Typically, counters and cabinets mounted to the wall are surrounded by appliances and other space-consuming kitchen accessories, leaving the center free. Since it serves as the area for cutting, organizing, cooking, etc., it is used more frequently than the side countertops. This space frequently includes a cooking station or a sink.

This means that specific requirements must be met by the material used to cover the countertop. Among of the qualities required for a surface to be used in this way on a regular basis are toughness, scratch resistance, and temperature resistance.

4 Organic shapes and curved lines

As we could already begin to glimpse in the Marble Décor 2022 spaces , curved lines are beginning to be more present in all the spaces of our house. These elegant and sinuous shapes become a clear trend in interior design for your home in 2023 .

Among the novelties, we find that these curved lines are not only in the furniture, but are transferred to the design of walls, floors and ceilings, with organic shapes that add more dynamism to any room.

The use of a variety of earth tones and natural materials like wood or stone, which can also be found in the floor in Steel Grey Granite or the back wall in fantasy Brown Marble, are especially remarkable, as was already highlighted.

5 The advantages of reforming instead of building

In today’s world where the population is increasingly aware of how daily life affects our environment, it is important to take various factors into account before answering the question: is it better to build a new building or to renovate an old home?

However, there are many other factors that affect when making a decision and that can make us opt for one option or another. When deciding whether to start a new construction or whether to carry out a reform , other elements such as the age of the house, costs, energy efficiency, etc. must be considered.

Another of the most outstanding reforms is Stone Depot USA. The house has not only been renovated, but has also prioritized the use of sustainable and natural materials , as mentioned above, and has created a greater feeling of spaciousness thanks to having an open kitchen with an island.


As we look forward to 2023, there are several exciting home décor trends on the horizon. From nature-inspired elements to bold color choices, homeowners have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to updating their living spaces. Embracing technology in the home, adding unique textures, and focusing on sustainability are also important considerations for those looking to stay on-trend in the coming year. By incorporating some of these trends into your home, you can create a space that feels fresh, modern, and uniquely your own. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or simply looking for a few new pieces to refresh your décor, these trends are sure to inspire and delight.


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