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Spring Pest Guide in Keswick

The first day of spring has arrived, and what a fantastic way to kick off the new season we’ve had thus far! The sun is out, the snow is beginning to melt (and in many parts, it has already disappeared), the birds are singing, and nature is emerging from its long dormancy caused by the cold weather. Even though it appears to be muddy and brown outdoors, new growth is beginning to appear on the trees, and very soon yards will be filled with bright green grass and colorful spring flowers.

The change that takes place in nature and the anticipation that summer will arrive before long are, in our opinion, the two most enjoyable aspects of the spring season.

It’s not just us that look forward to the arrival of spring; insects and other vermin do as well. In the spring, many common insects and other pests emerge from their hibernation periods. During this time of year, our phone is constantly being bombarded with calls from worried customers who have recently realized that their house or place of business has become infested with unwanted vermin, and they have no idea where the vermin came from or why there are so many of them.

This spring Pest Control in Keswick has been produced for your convenience. Let’s get started!

The Rundown on Some Common Spring Insects

Cluster flies, Asian lady beetles, pine seed bugs, and boxelder bugs are four of the most common springtime pests that can be a problem for those who live in the country, rural regions, or in new developments built near or on once forested areas or farmland. When spring arrives, these pests can often be found in their abundance.  Because these insects are able to hibernate during the winter months, they typically begin their invasions of homes and businesses in the late fall. During this time, they remain dormant. They don’t become active again until the spring, when the warmer temperatures arrive, and when they do, they take homeowners and business owners by surprise.

Cluster flies are huge, loud, and lethargic insects that congregate in large numbers in and around windows and light fixtures on warm, bright days during the winter and spring seasons. Cluster flies can be seen in and around buildings such as homes and businesses. They frequently give the impression of being disoriented and chaotic, and they frequently run into things. Earthworms are the hosts of the cluster fly, which can be found breeding in grassy regions outside during the spring and summer months. If you find any of these flies in your house or place of business in the spring or fall, it does not indicate that there is a problem with the cleanliness of the space.

The Asian Lady beetle is a widespread pest that appears in the spring and is frequently confused with lady bugs. The cheeks of Asian lady beetles are disproportionately huge and white, and their bodies are almost always a dark orange color. These pests can also have colors such as red, yellow, or tan on their bodies. The Asian lady beetle is a vicious insect that bites when threatened. Homes and businesses that are situated in rural or wooded locations, or those are located close to agricultural fields, are at an increased risk of suffering from severe Asian lady beetle infestations. Why? Aphids, which were their primary source of nutrition, become extinct in the fall when agricultural fields are harvested. They have little food, and the coming winter season will be bitterly cold, so they look for a new environment to spend the cold season in.

Conifer from the West Seed bugs, also known as pine seed bugs or “stink bugs” (because they release a putrid odor when crushed), have a coloration that is anywhere between a dull reddish brown and a dark brown, and their length ranges from three quarters of an inch to one inch. Their antennas are nearly as long as the rest of their bodies, and some individuals have a thin white zigzag line running down the middle of their backs. Pine seed bugs do not sting, bite, feed on, or otherwise interact with humans or animals. They also do not carry or transmit diseases. They are a significant source of aggravation merely due to their presence, and they produce an offensive odor when they are crushed.

Boxelder bugs are easily recognized by their long, elongated bodies that are flattened and colored black and reddish-orange or reddish-red. During the warmer months, they spend their lives on trees like boxelders, maples, and ashes, where they also feed and reproduce. In the fall, when they abandon plants in search of a new place to spend the winter, they become an annoyance pest. In the spring, if they spent the winter inside a house or a place of business, they become a nuisance pest once more.

Overwintering pests are true experts at finding refuge indoors from late fall to early spring, and because they invade in large numbers, they instantly become a serious problem in a home or business in the spring, which is when they wake up and want to get outside again (where they naturally belong). Because of their expertise, overwintering pests can find refuge indoors from late fall to early spring. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to take precautions to stop them from entering your house or place of business in the first place and to take action as soon as you see any signs of their presence.

During the springtime, we also receive a high volume of requests requesting mouse control. Mice can be a significant problem during the springtime, but the fact of the matter is that they can be and frequently are a problem at any time of the year. Mice are notorious for getting into houses and businesses in the fall, which is why this season is known as “mouse season.” Why? They are forced to leave the fields during harvesting, and they look for conditions that would allow them to live there (food, water, and shelter). Infestations caused by mice are frequently uncovered in the spring because enough time has gone for the rodents to ‘nest,’ ‘eat,’ ‘breed,’ and ‘dwell’ inside of your residence or place of business. Discover more about the common house mouse and the field mouse in our pest library, as well as the most effective methods for eradicating mice.

What is the Most Effective Way to Fight Off Pests During the Spring?

Two pronged attack is the most effective method for warding off pests in the spring:

  1. Protect your home or place of business from pests. The process of pest proofing should be continual and continue throughout the year. There are things you can do throughout the year to assist in keeping pests outside, where they belong, where they belong. If you are successful in preventing pests from entering your house or place of business, you will immediately reduce the possibility that you will have to deal with a pest control problem in the near future. In order to assist you in achieving this goal, we have compiled a list of our Top 10 Spring Pest Proofing Tips.
  2. Think about hiring a certified pest control expert to do annual treatments in the spring and the fall. All through the year, these remedies can help prevent, manage, and solve problems caused by pests. We are aware that there are a lot of do-it-yourself pest control methods and treatments that can be purchased “over the counter” at local stores, but the fact of the matter is that they are ineffective. They are ineffectual in resolving actual problems associated with insect control. Why don’t they seem to be working? They do not include the powerful and long-lasting residuals that professional pest control treatments do, which are essential for the treatment and prevention of overwintering pests (and pests in general). Once the product has been applied, having a strong residue ensures that it will not soon fade or be washed away by the elements, such as the sun or the rain. When it comes to treatments for the outside, this is of the utmost importance. After being applied, the solution maintains its effectiveness against insects and other vermin for an extended period of time afterward.

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