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Rookie mistakes to avoid while polishing marble floor

Does your home or workplace have marble floors? If so, you must create the ideal cleaning method to keep them in good shape. Marble floors need special maintenance, and if they aren’t polished for years, they will start to seem dingy and worn out. 

No matter how thoroughly you clean them, they continue to appear drab and soiled. The incorrect use of cleaning agents or methods could be the cause. If this is your situation don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can restore the marble flooring with the aid of our guidance and steer clear of careless errors. 

Let’s start!  

Six mistakes to avoid while polishing marble floors 

Marble is fancy flooring yet very delicate when it comes to its polishing. That is why you hire professionals to do the job. Moreover, if you decide to do it yourself, you must know the basics.  

We have listed the six most common mistakes people have repeatedly made while polishing marble floors.  

  1. Mopping 

Do’s: Instead of using a wet mop, try one that is only slightly damp. Use deionized water as well because it is less harmful to the surface of marble stones. Due to the porous nature of marble, liquids like wine, coffee, or juice can damage it. Therefore, it’s critical to clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining. 

Don’ts: When cleaning spills or stains off marble tiles, avoid using a soaked mop because this might cause water to escape from the cloth and become trapped between the marble’s porous surfaces. 

  1. Solvents 

Do’s: As your go-to marble cleaning solvents, use distilled or deionized water, neutral stone soap or cleaners with a pH of 7.00, white spirit, and 2% non-ionic detergent to not only prevent abrasion and staining but also to maintain the pristine condition of your marble flooring and extend the life of your marble. 

Don’ts: Avoid using a store-bought cleaner to clean the marble floor. It has unwanted acids, chemicals, and alkalis that ultimately damage the floor. These cleaners are used at industry levels and are not preferable for delicate home/office marble floors.  

  1. Water usage 

Do’s: You should only use a non-acidic solvent to clean marble floors. Also, you can use just simple non-salted or distilled water to clean spills off the marble floor. 

Don’ts: Avoid using water as the only cleaning solution on marble because doing so repeatedly can make the stone appear lifeless and unpleasant and reduce its longevity. 

  1. Dry Cleaning 

Do’s: When something is spilled on your marble floors, it is preferable to clean them as soon as possible with a dry mop, towel, or sponge. By effectively soaking up the spill and preventing long-term damage, a dry towel will also leave any moist residue that may otherwise seep into the stone’s pores. 

Don’ts: Marble is a porous stone susceptible to absorbing liquids and solvents because of its spongy composition. It is advisable to avoid using cloth, mops, or sponges dipped in waxy, oily, or wet materials because there is a very high chance that solvent residue may get absorbed into the stone’s porous structure and result in long-term staining or discoloration. 

  1. Abrasive material 

Do’s: Instead of choosing harsh alternatives that can permanently stain your marble tiles, choose specialized cleaners made especially for cleaning marbles. 

Don’ts: Never use any homemade abrasive material to clean marble floors. These supplies are not designed for marble floors. Moreover, they will not remove all of the spills and stains. Bathroom and toilet cleaners are one example of cleaners that you must avoid.  

  1. Marble floor polishing 

Do’s: Polishing reduces the appearance of stains on the floor and makes it look shiny. So, if you wish to maintain the glow of marble floors in your home, you must hire professional polishing services regularly.  

Don’ts: Never avoid marble floor polishing at any cost. Some people find it unnecessary to polish marble floors. However, it is highly advised for a variety of reasons. Additionally, over-polishing the marble can be nearly as damaging as not polishing it. 

Professional marble floor polishing   

Professionals can do the task quickly and effectively since they have the necessary training and skills. Let’s briefly go over each stage of a marble floor polishing Dubai


Marble is porous, which makes it susceptible to stains. Consequently, the first step in polishing and restoring marble floors is basic cleaning. Often, it is covered by the cleaning company’s project budget. 


Before applying a penetrating solution to assist remove grime and oil that may have seeped into the stone, professional cleaners properly brush the floors first. To remove the chemical, a certain vacuum is employed. 


In the second stage, surface flaws are eliminated using abrasive substances, sanding discs, and polishing pads. Only worn-out floors are used for it. Once the stone has been repaired, professionals polish the marble floors using liquid, spray, or powder-based products. A polishing machine is frequently used to polish the floors.    


Once the floor has been restored and polished, experts reseal the surface to stop stains. It also prolongs the stone’s appearance of being new and dazzling dreamnewshub

To get the best effects, it is usually essential to apply several layers of sealants at an appropriate interval. However, the quantity and technique of applying sealant must vary depending on the job. 

Wrap up – Rookie mistakes while polishing marble floor 

Marble is a durable stone that can survive for a very long time if cleaned properly. The stone’s durability is tested under various conditions, including weather, chemical agents, heat, and moisture.  

Despite having a seemingly hard surface, marble is a highly porous rock that, if not cleaned correctly, may absorb spills and gather debris in its pores. Even in its most polished and refined state, acidic liquids, oils, and water can wreak havoc on a marble stone.  

So, hire professional ProCleaning marble polishing services before it’s too late. Call to book an appointment all over Dubai. 

Until next time. 

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