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Landscaping Ideas to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

Tilly is all about creating the perfect landscape for you and your family. Some clients have rambunctious children or entertain their friends. However, a growing number of clients want landscaping ideas that are dog-friendly. Our team is passionate about creating dog-friendly backyard designs that make both pet owners and their dogs happy.


Safety first, you know! Even though you may have the most amazing doggy play area, it doesn’t matter if your dog can easily slip through any fences or hedges to explore the neighborhood. You can avoid potential problems by anticipating them and create a backyard landscaping plan that is dog-friendly.

1. Fencing

Fencing is vital if you want your pet to run wild in your yard. A fence can keep your dog safe and secure from the roads, as well as the temptation to chase every bicyclist that passes. You can also keep out unwanted visitors like coyotes, porcupines, and skunks. You can either choose from a variety of attractive styles, or cover it with climbing plants for a private, lush backyard oasis.

You can also use fencing to protect your landscaping areas that you want to keep dogs out. No matter how well-mannered your dog is, don’t let him dig in your precious flower beds or munch on your vegetable garden. Plan your layout so that sensitive areas are not within the dog run. This will keep them safe from other canine gardeners. If your dog enjoys digging, you can create a designated area for it.

2. Plants

When you have a pet to share your new landscape, it is important to do some research before you start selecting plants. Most plants are safe, unless they are consumed in large amounts. There are many common landscaping plants that can cause problems for dogs, such as hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. You should know your dog well enough to know his tolerance for exploring or trying a branch or bush. Many will just pass them by and/or have a small nibble.

We recommend that you avoid Oleander, Sago Palm, and Lillies. Remember that most pets won’t be eating all the plants in your garden so this is not something you should worry about unless your pet is a mischievous type.

Safe plants can be grown that will cater to your pet. To repel fleas, you can plant lavender in your garden. It smells great! and keep your pooch flea bite-free. Dog-friendly vegetables can be grown in your garden. Pups may love a carrot-fresh, crunchy carrot.

Don’t forget to check that any plants you have after a renovation are dog-safe!

3. Fertilizer & Pest Control

Your dog will be running around the yard, sniffing out every plant and smelling it! This means that your dog will be very close to any pesticides or fertilizers you use in your garden. Dogs can be exposed to many of these products, especially if they are allowed to explore your plants.

To keep your dog safe, make sure you use pet-safe landscaping products. If in doubt, double-check all labels and speak with an expert. To keep things simple, you can choose hardy plants that require less pest control and fertilization. Landscaper recommends that you include native plants, which are well-suited for your climate and resistant to pests. They will not require fertilizer.

Practical Considerations

Next, think about what you can do to make your outdoor living area as useful as possible for both you and your dog.

4. Durable Materials

Dogs are hardy and need their areas to play. Hardwood decking can be damaged by claws, potted plants may be knocked over, and outdoor furniture might get covered in paw prints. So that your new backyard doesn’t become a disaster, make sure you choose durable and easy-to-clean materials.

5. Your Lawn & Ground Cover

happy dog

Ground cover is a key factor for dogs. Dogs with zoomies can quickly wear down conventional grass, and potty breaks can cause yellowing of green grass.

You may prefer the look of a green grass lawn if you are looking for hardy turf grass or grass alternatives such as clover or sturdy artificial grass. A durable ground covering is also available in silver carpet, miniature stonecrop and creeping thyme. The firm choices of Kentucky bluegrass or buffalo grass can quickly recover from foot traffic. Ground cover plants can be very easy to maintain, making them a great option for a dog-friendly backyard.

Synthetic turf is a popular choice for backyard dogs! This turf is very easy to maintain, which is a bonus.

You can make your backyard dog-friendly by removing the grass. Ground cover materials such as cedar mulch are gentle for your dog’s feet and won’t leave them tracing dirt all over the place.

You can create a comfortable dog run or potty for your dog using river rock or pea gravel.

6. Dog care zones

These are some great features that you can include to make your life easier for both you and your dog

  • You can designate a potty area for your dog to hold messes and, depending on their needs, a place where they can go to relieve themselves.
  • Refreshment area or water feature that provides water access for hot days or intense play sessions.
  • You can use the grooming area to brush, paw-wash, or take any other emergency baths if they have rolled in anything on a walk .
  • A raised dog bed or dog house with shade to provide shelter from the sun, wind and hot or cold ground. WLO Wood, Modern wooden dog crates
  • To provide shade and cooling in the heat, place shade in some places around your yard.
  • You can create a dog run in your backyard for your dog.

Fun Features

We’ve covered the basics. We’ve covered the basics. Now let’s get to the fun stuff. You have two options: go all out with an agility course, or you can keep it simple with a dog bed for your couch potato friend. It all comes down to getting to know your dog and choosing features that they will love.

7. Play areas

These are our favorite dog-friendly ideas:

  • You can even have water play areas! You can choose from a full-sized paddling pool or a spot that allows you to run in the sprinkler.
  • You can allow your dog to dig in approved digging areas like a dog sandbox, so they don’t damage your garden or expensive plants.
  • For dogs that love to hunt squirrels, a lure course is a great way to get your dog to chase their favorite toys. You can also use log balance beams to make this a natural course (which is great for kids too).
  • A course in agility to keep their bodies and minds active!
  • A hammock, or large outdoor couch that is comfortable and spacious for you and your dog.
  • Place a doggy bed in your yard near the outdoor dining area, so that the dog can join the party

Landscaping Cape Cod kept all these things in mind. We hope it does the same for your dog friend.

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