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7 Best Eco-friendly Home Improvements to Attract tenants

7 Best Eco-friendly Home Improvements to Attract tenants

Until a few years ago, the eco-friendly concept was confined to personal residential and commercial premises. With the growing environmental concerns and heat issues, landlords and homeowners consider eco-friendly home set up evermore. Greenhouse gases are responsible for over a quarter of emissions.

It is why new-age tenants, particularly younger generations, prefer green-house features while renting out the house. Who does not want an energy-efficient home with minimal environmental impact?

How do Tenants Define Eco-friendliness in a property?

With tenants preferring green flats to normal ones, here are some top facilities that a tenant looks for while renting:

  • Loft or wall insulation
  • Double Glazing
  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Smart Meters
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Solar panel installation

Thus, Energy-efficient homes represent a substantial pick for the renters. It implies a landlord who is willing to efforts towards preparing an eco-friendly home space may attract the most renters. The best part is – Renters readily agree to pay 20% more rent for the facility provided.

With that in mind, the cumulative strategies could help you restructure the property premises by going all green.

 How to Introduce a greener vibe to your Rental space

Having a greener house can get the renters fighting for the property. Yes, that’s true. Here is how you can ensure a soothing and comfortable living space and get a higher price for the property.

1)     Programmable Thermostats

Traditional thermostats may not be efficient in recording the temperature. It makes fans run more than what is called for.

As opposed to this, programmable thermostats grant flexibility to the residents to regulate temperature as per convenience throughout the day. They could utilize the air conditioning within the space by controlling the unit. In this way, it reduces the dependency on air conditioners.

2)     Low-flow Showerheads

Many individuals mistake low showerheads for low water pressure. But it is entirely untrue. Landlords may contribute to the environment by installing low-flow showerheads and taps throughout the property.

In this way, you could slash excessive water usage on a property. Apart from that, it would help the tenant build healthy, sustainable habits, which eventually be ideal for you to keep your property in perfect condition.

3)     Compost planning and facility

An inadequate or unsatisfactory compost facility may make the renter switch places. In this situation, evaluate the scope of balcony or terrace gardens to utilize the composed by recycling. Compost uses waste products like farm produce from home to act as manure for the soil. It promotes a healthy garden and plantation on the premises.

Installing and carving out an apt space for composting may be time-consuming. It is a deal of an expert. And hence hiring the best expert requires good cash. If you receive the rent and are running out of money lately, cash loans in Ireland can help.

Hire the best expert to ensure the best compost system on the property. It would not only make your home eco-friendly but amplify the return on investment as well. Before then, analyze the property and the floor plan. Providing creative solutions and facilities to your tenants is easier with eco-friendly homes.

4)     Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are a great energy-efficient addition to a home. It helps save 40% on utility bills. It is one of the most lucrative benefits you could provide to your tenants. Tenants struggle with upfront costs, and renters look to manage and slash some costs. If you provide this advantage, the renter would be more than interested in your offer. The reason is power is a significant expense along with other liabilities. It is a major cause of concern among tenants.

It would be a relief in the inflating living costs and economy. Identify the ideal number of solar panels you must install to provide an advantage in its best form. As per an average, “ a house requires 8-18 solar panels for energy-efficient usage”. The rest depends on the annual energy consumption of a property.

5)     Install fuel-efficient appliances and lighting

The manufacturers of leading brands prioritize energy-efficient parameters while designing and manufacturing any electrical appliance. So, while re-designing the home to attract new tenants, focus on the fuel-efficient aspect. While replacing dishwashers, washing machines, Air conditioners, fans, etc., identify how much electricity an appliance could save.

How many costs could a tenant save in a month using these appliances? Is it enough to attract potential renters? Going a mile ahead in ensuring the best for your tenant help achieve desired revenue.

Pay attention to a few things switching the gas provider to an eco-friendly one, replacing standard lighting with LED bulbs, and the scope of natural lighting in the space. Could you increase it by any means? Yes, it does require some brainwork on your part and is a one-time investment.

6. Ensure the best Insulation backup

Insulation is apt for winter. It is a misconception. It is not about keeping the property warm but ensuring a cozy atmosphere. You can protect the whole house by insulating the house’s ceilings, wiring, doors, and windows. Tenants this way would lessen the usage of heaters and other heating appliances. It would help keep the wires on good terms and prevent short- circuits.

An insulated home could help save energy in summers too. The regulation of warm air would make the surroundings cooler. It would help the tenant save on electricity by switching off the AC early than expected.

The best insulation resides in premises where there are low appliances consuming electricity. It is also beneficial on the environmental front, as it reduces the carbon footprint on the premises.

7)     Perform regular Property Inspections

Conducting regular property investors works beneficial both ways:

  • It helps you track the performance of the energy-efficient appliances and installations
  • Help you view the overall property maintenance by the tenant

You could ensure to keep the property green by:

  • Encouraging tenants to use multi-socket extensions, to be turned off when not in use
  • Welcome your tenant with a green plant- it renders a healthy message
  • Ask tenants to unplug televisions, mobile charging, oven, and desktop when not in use or before going to bed. Apart from preventing major accidents, it helps save electricity.

Bottom line

Making a note of this essential environmental-friendly transformation and including tenants in participation can help create an economical residence. It may take time, but the overall result would be just AMAZING!

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