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Whether windshield haze is on the inside or outside of the glass surface, it creates disturbance while the person is driving. Let’s find out the reasons behind the haze…..

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Windshield haze caused by many factors, some of which are listed below-

Vinyl and plastic:

Heat-induced vaporization of vinyl and other plastics can eventually settle on the surface of your windscreen, creating a smoky film from the inside. This is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed in my truck and was, to be honest, unaware of until recently. However, some claim that it may continue to be an issue for up to 150k miles. This is typically more of a problem for new cars.

After washing the outside of the windscreen, I started to notice that the interior still appeared to be fogged up. I thought this was strange because I keep the interior pretty clean and assumed it was overspray from cleaning the vinyl on the dash. I later understood that offgas was the cause of the haze after it kept forming.


Smoking may also be a problem and is notoriously difficult to quit. Carcinogens must be eliminated because doing so can become more challenging over time.

Engine or Heater Coolant

It’s not uncommon for an engine or heater coolant leak to cause a green or colored haze to appear on your windscreen and enter your car typically through the front vents. This typically leaves a strong smell behind and can tint the inside of your windscreen green or another color.

To prevent breathing in potentially harmful chemicals, you should always take care of any leaks as soon as they are discovered.

Mildew From The Floor and Water

On the inside of the windscreen, haze may develop as a result of moisture inside your car. You might have an open water bottle or mildew in the fabrics of your car’s components that were never allowed to dry out. All of those need to be removed. Outside is hard water, acid rain, dirt, and salt.

There is no distinction between an interior and an exterior windscreen haze. It could be brought on by pollen, dirt, hard water, acid rain, or sea salt. You will frequently experience this salt issue if you live close to the ocean.

How to remove windshield haze:


Rain-x is now the go-to product for cleaning car windscreens and wipers after being originally developed for aviation windscreens. The Rain-x Glass Treatment can be added to your standard car wash equipment and applied with a microfiber towel and a spray bottle. Use the Rain-x De-Icer washer fluid to remove ice from your car’s windows or windscreen. The interior windscreen haze is also avoided by using these windscreen cleaners and fog repellents.

Using Water And White Vinegar

Try this inexpensive DIY remedy using white vinegar and water if you can’t afford branded goods. It’s a cost-effective solution that’s also easily available. White vinegar and water should be combined. 10% vinegar to 90% water is the recommended mix ratio. Depending on how badly the haze is on your car’s windscreen, you may want to increase the vinegar concentration.

Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner Spray 

Windex or Rain-x 2-in-1 are good options to try if you can afford a branded ammonia-free glass cleaner. Glass cleaners without ammonia remove all dirt and grime. You could also create some homemade ammonia-free glass cleaner. Distilled water, peppermint essential oil, a glass spray bottle, a funnel, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol are required.

Cleaning clay

Compared to other substances, some particles are more difficult to remove because they adhere to the glass. Road tar, water spots, grime, grease, road films, or oil are a few examples of this debris. Your car’s windows and windscreen can be effectively cleaned with clay.

An aerosol glass cleaner 

Try some invisible glass aerosol products if you’re sick of glass cleaners leaving visible streaks on your windscreen. There are no dyes, surfactants, or soaps in invisible glass cleaners, so there won’t be any residue to clean up.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

A dependable cleaning tool for your glass window and the windscreen is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It functions as a secure sandpaper for getting rid of stubborn dirt buildup on car windows, leaving your glass debris-free.

Use of Rubbing alcohol

When the job is finished, (isopropyl) rubbing alcohol leaves your car’s surfaces streak-free and clean. Additionally, isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on the windscreen of your car and has no negative effects on the tint. Simply combine two-thirds of the isopropyl alcohol with one-third of distilled water to create the rubbing alcohol solution.

Two easy steps can sum up the entire cleaning process. Spray your removal solution on the windscreen first. Second, wipe! 

Use rubbing alcohol and a different microfiber towel to wipe away grease. Additionally, use vinegar to eliminate sea salt-related haze. Additionally, be careful not to use ammonia on windows that have a tint.

If they drop on your dashboard, the majority of glass and window cleaners will damage it. So when cleaning, remember to cover the dashboard with towels.

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