Why Avoid Cramming During Ssc Exam Preparations?

So many students tend to believe that Cramming can help them achieve success in their exams.  Cramming has remained a popular method among students preparing hard for the SSC exam. Whenever they are stuck with some concept that seems difficult to understand they quickly resort to the technique of Cramming and Rote learning. For many of them, these are quick methods to devise a complex topic. They don’t have to spend too much time understanding the basics of the same. Just memorize the concepts mentioned and you are ready to appear for your exam. 

Now, this is where many students get it completely wrong. When we are preparing for the SSC exam then such kind of shortcuts are not going to work at all. You cannot achieve success by tending to believe in shortcut methods like

You will have to study from the scratch and revise each and every topic thoroughly. When you are connected with experts then preparations can be easier. Hence we advise you to join this top coaching institute and get their top-quality SSC CGL preparation books. It will help you provide a kick to your preparations. 

Continue reading this article to understand why engaging in cramming is  a bad idea when you are preparing for the SSC exam:

Ineffective learning

Your preparations for the SSC exams will hold some meaning only when you focus on effective learning. The main purpose of learning anything is to deeply inculcate the concepts in your mind. You have to understand it thoroughly so that whenever you get a question on the same you can attempt that easily without any second thought. 

The method of training and Practice holds this learning process. Instead of trying to understand the concepts, students only focus on memorizing the concepts. This type of learning is called superficial learning. If the question in the exam is just a little bit twisted, the student Will fail to answer. Because the student has only engaged in superficial learning, he doesn’t have the knowledge to apply the understanding of concepts to answer the question. Superficial learning will lead to poor performance in the SSC exam. So make sure you don’t focus on the same. Attaining success will no longer be a daunting and herculean task as you assumed earlier.

Doesn’t get stored  in the memory

When you are memorizing the answers then for the first time the answers may get logged in your memory. But in the long run, your memory is not able to store them. Only those concepts which are deeply understood and worked upon will remain in your memory. Priming has not shown any positive results in enhancing the memory of students preparing for the Government exams. In a study, it was shown that students who engaged in cramming the concepts tend to forget them easily on exam day. The exact science behind this is not well understood. But for you it is pertinent to note that can I am link is not going to help you retain the ideas and concepts for a long period of time. So your memory will enable you to store only that information which is necessary. Rest details and facts crammed by you will go in the bin. 

Create boredom

The process of learning should be engaging and creative. It should be a cycle that needs to keep you deeply involved in the study process. When you are DP understanding the concepts then you are fully involving yourself in the process. When you feel bored then how can you focus properly on the SSC exam preparation? The boredom will keep you less motivated. Cramming leads to monotonous preparations. Such preparations won’t give any benefit. You’ll feel distasteful and sad. Hence make sure that you focus on the steps to control feelings of boredom. Then your focus will boost. So consider the learning process as a way to engage yourself in fun and creative ways to study for the exam. Boredom will just lead to poor performance in the SSC exam. 

Might  fail in case of difficult topics

Cramming can work only when you are covering simple topics. When you encounter a tough topic then your cramming will fall flat. Difficult topics need to be prepared properly. You must invest proper efforts into understanding the topics. Just cramming the concepts will make you fail at the topic. So avoid cramming at all when you are studying for the SSC exam. Now, are you preparing for the bank exams? Let us advise you to study from the finest bank preparation books.

Summing it up

It is pertinent to follow a proper strategy if you want success in the SSC exams. No shortcuts or tricks can really help you in any area. So the focus and plan has to be definite and clear so that you are all working hard for your SSC.

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