What Are the Requirements for a Canada Tourist Visa?

A Canada Tourist Visa is a document issued by the Government of Canada that allows non-Canadians to enter, stay and travel in Canada for tourism or visiting family and friends. The applicant must meet certain requirements such as having a valid passport, proof of funds to cover their stay and return trip, medical insurance coverage and in some cases an invitation letter from a relative or friend living in Canada. The application process can be completed online or at the Canadian consulate closest to you.

It generally takes 4-6 weeks before the application is processed; however it may take longer depending on the time of year due to peak seasons. Once approved, applicants will receive their visa electronically (eTA) which should be presented upon entering Canada at any port of entry.

Are you planning a trip to Canada? Make sure you are prepared by applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa. This visa allows entry into the country for sightseeing, recreational activities and more.\

With this document in hand, travelers can explore the beautiful cities of Canada, from majestic mountains to vibrant urban centers. Additionally, having a tourist visa may also make it easier to apply for other travel visas or permits if needed. So make sure you check the requirements and take advantage of the opportunity to experience all that Canada has to offer!

How Much Does Canada Tourist Visa Cost?

A Canada tourist visa cost is $100 CAD for most countries. For some countries, the fee may be higher depending on the country of residence and other factors such as family size or length of stay. All applicants must also pay a biometrics fee when submitting their application, which is currently set at an additional $85 CAD per person.The total cost therefore would come to $185 CAD per person for most visitors to Canada.

Is Canada Tourist Visa Easy to Get?

Yes, Canada’s tourist visa is generally easy to obtain. The majority of visitors from most countries can easily qualify for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which allows them to stay in Canada for up to six months without a visa. To be eligible for an ETA, you must have a valid passport, credit or debit card and email address.

Additionally, all applicants must demonstrate that they are not inadmissible under Canadian law due to past criminal activity or security issues. If you do need a regular visitor visa, the application process is relatively straightforward with clear instructions provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada on how to apply.


How Long is Canada Tourist Visa Valid?

A CANADA ETA VISA EXPIRY is typically valid for up to 6 months from the date it was issued. Depending on your passport, you may be eligible for a multiple-entry visa which can be valid for up to 10 years from the issue date. However, regardless of the type of visa you have been issued, your stay in Canada must not exceed 6 months at any given time and should not exceed 180 days within any 12 month period.

How Can I Get Tourist Visa for Canada?


If you’re looking to travel to Canada as a tourist, the first step is to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This will allow you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months at a time. To apply, you must submit an online application form and provide supporting documents such as proof of financial support, passport-sized photos, and your passport.


You may also need to attend an interview with an Immigration Officer at your local visa office. Once approved, your TRV will be valid for up to 10 years or until the expiration date on your passport – whichever comes first. Depending on where you are from, there may be additional requirements that must be met before approval can be granted.


Canada Tourist Visa Application


Applying for a tourist visa to Canada is relatively straightforward and can be done online. To apply, you’ll need to create an account on the Canadian Government website and fill out the application form with your personal information such as name, date of birth, passport details, travel plans and more. Once completed, you will submit it along with any required documents such as passports or other proof of identity.


The processing time for a visa application typically takes 3-5 weeks depending on the circumstances so make sure to plan accordingly!




Canada is a beautiful country with so much to offer tourists. A Canada Tourist Visa is required for foreigners intending to visit the country, however it is easy and straightforward to apply for one. With the right paperwork in place, travelers can prepare themselves for an amazing experience in this stunning nation while also ensuring they are following all necessary immigration regulations.


Whether you’re looking forward to exploring its vibrant cities, lush natural landscapes or anything else that awaits you there, a Canada Tourist Visa will help make your trip a success!

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