Sichuan Steamed Stuffed Bun—longan Steamed Stuffed Bun

  1. Longan steamed stuffed bun is one of the more distinctive staple foods in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is made of flour, fat and thin pigs
  2. A special steamed bun made of meat, baking soda, etc. as raw materials. It is characterized by thin skin
  3. Tough, big and tender filling, shaped like longan, salty and delicious Albers Food Shop Discount Code NHS


  • Flour 500g
  • Pork fat and lean meat 400g
  • Water chestnuts 75g
  • Ginger powder 20g
  • Shaoxing wine and soy sauce 15g each
  • Refined salt 3g
  • MSG 2g
  • Pepper powder 0.5g
  • White sugar 12g
  • Baking soda 4g
  • Sesame oil 10g
  • Cooked lard 50g
  • Duck soup 100g


  1. Put the flour into the container, add water and knead into a moderately soft and hard dough, let it stand for fermentation
  2. Wash the pork, drain the water, and chop into minced pork. Wash the water chestnuts, peel off the outer skin, and chop into fine powder.
  3. Put minced pork into a container, add duck soup and stir well, add minced ginger, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sesame oil and stir well, then add minced water chestnuts and mix well to form a stuffing.
  4. Dissolve 10 grams of baking soda with warm water, knead it into the fermented dough, add sugar,
  5. Knead the cooked lard well and thoroughly.
  6. Knead the dough into strips, knead into uniform small doses, press flat to form a round cake, put the filling on it,
  7. The steamed stuffed buns are kneaded into a blunt shape, and placed in small bamboo cages in groups of 10, and steamed.
  8. Steam over high heat in the pot until it is fully cooked, take it out and serve.


After adding duck soup to minced pork, use chopsticks to stir well in one direction until it becomes a thick paste Chummys Bakery Discount Code NHS.

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Sichuan Steamed Buns—-Golden Hook Steamed Buns

  1. Golden hook steamed stuffed bun is one of the more distinctive staple foods in Chengdu, Sichuan. It is made of flour, pork fat and lean meat, gold
  2. Hook (dried shrimp) and other raw materials, a special bun made by steaming. It is characterized by color
  3. White, soft skin, tender filling, salty taste.
  4. Pork fat and lean meat 300g
  5. Gold Hook 30g
  6. Ginger powder 15g
  7. Minced green onion 5g
  8. Cooking wine 10g
  9. Refined salt 3g
  10. MSG 2g
  11. Pepper powder 1g
  12. White sugar 50g
  13. Soda 4g
  14. Sesame oil 20g
  15. Cooked lard 18g


  1. Put the flour into the container, add water and knead into a moderately soft and hard dough, let it stand for fermentation
  2. yeast.
  3. Rinse the golden hook with cold water, put it in a container, add 100 grams of boiling water and soak until it returns
  4. Take it out softly, and cut into fine grains with the cooked fat meat. Wash the lean pork, drain the water, and chop into fine powder.
  5. Put the minced pork lean meat into the container, add fat meat grains, golden hook grains, minced ginger, cooking wine, alcohol
  6. Salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder and the original juice of bubble gold hook, stir well in one direction with chopsticks,
  7. Then add sesame oil and mix well to form a filling.
  8. Add sugar, soda, and cooked lard to the fermented dough, knead them evenly, knead them into strips, and squeeze them into 37-gram doses. Take a dose and flatten it, roll it into a round cake, put the stuffing on it, and close the mouth
  9. Knead into a ball-shaped steamed stuffed bun and put it in a cage. After everything is prepared, put it into the steamer and use high heat
  10. Steam until cooked, take out, put on a plate and serve.

Steamed bun machine making steamed stuffed bun process

The buns are small in size and rich in fillings, and are suitable for all ages. What are the procedures for making buns with a bun machine Today, the editor of Fujian Chengji shares one or two with you.


  • flour
  • water
  • stuffing


  • First mix the flour with water according to a certain ratio, and then put the reconciled noodles into the noodle hopper of the steamed stuffed bun machine
  • Stir the stuffing for making buns evenly and then put the stuffing into the stuffing hopper of the bun machine;
  • Third, start the power supply of the steamed stuffed bun machine, and turn on the forming switch of the steamed stuffed bun machine;
  • Fourth, turn on the noodle input switch and stuffing input switch of the steamed stuffed bun machine;
  • It’s five, get a steamed stuffed bun from the conveyor belt. The whole process of producing steamed buns by Xiamen Chengji steamed stuffed bun machine is very simple. Compared with manual work, the output is larger, and the steamed stuffed buns taste better.

Pizza Buns and Curry Buns

My son-in-law ate a delicacy when he was studying in Japan, and he still can’t forget it. He said it was “Chinese Baozi”, but it was difficult for him to describe it clearly (his Chinese is limited).

I think steamed buns were originally a home-cooked noodle dish for Chinese people. Because they are delicious, they were learned by the Japanese and changed according to the Japanese understanding. “Chinese steamed stuffed bun” is very popular in Japan and is still a Chinese delicacy.

The son-in-law described the keywords of the buns, which are extra-large, filled with pizza, filled with curry, thick skin, not much stuffing, and are in one piece. According to his description, I made my Chinese buns. 

Making Sourdough and Bun Dough

Make buns at night, and make a starter in the morning. Mix 100g flour + 100g yogurt + 1g yeast powder, and it will expand to double in size in two hours.

Make steamed stuffed bun dough at night: 200g flour + 2g yeast powder + all yeasts, mix well, then add a little water, knead into a smooth dough, proof for 10 minutes.

Prepare the filling

  1. The fillings of the pizza buns are: onions, green peppers, carrots, tenderloin slices, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce. Stir-fry onions and carrots with olive oil, add black pepper and pizza grass, and stir in cheese and tomato sauce.
  2. The ingredients of the curry buns are basically the same, except that the cheese is replaced by potatoes, and the tomato paste is replaced by curry paste.

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