How To Prepare For The Ssc Exams In A Unique Manner?

Preparing for the SSC exam requires lots of effort and dedication. At the same, it is hard to finish the whole syllabus. We all know well that the SSC syllabus is vast and unending. So many topics need to be covered in a short period of time. This can be perplexing and tough. 

You can do well in the SSC exam by following some crucial pointers. These tips will help you understand the basics of the SSC exam preparation. Do you want to reach out to the best coaching centers? Search India has all the relevant information you need.

Keep reading this article to know how to prepare for the SSC exams in a unique manner. 

Color Code Your Notes

It must have happened to you that a strong smell captured your attention. Does the smell of a particular perfume remind you of someone? If yes then you are not alone. Actually, the smell is capable to unwind memories easily. The same goes for colors. If yuo are aspiring to crack the SSC exam but find it tough to remember the facts then use color coding. 

How does color coding work?

Colors can work well to imbibe things in your memory for a long time.  If you want to extract information from long-term memory then color coding can work well. This is especially helpful in case of preparation of boring topics. Now how to implement this thing. Well, it isn’t as daunting as you might assume. Use various colors to represent ideas. Let us assume you have decided to prepare general knowledge. Use purple to denote important years, blue colors for important days, orange for famous personalities, red for major incidents, etc. 

You can choose to represent the various topics as per the choice of your color. So next time when you begin preparing a specific topic say important dates, you’ll be visualizing the blue color.  It is common to feel a confusion between similar topics like years, dates, etc. But when you visualize colors then the confusion will be less. White wall space is recommended. According to studies, the process of memorization is facilitated by the stark contrast between the highlighted text and the white background.

Study When You’re Fresh

Our energy levels fluctuate every time. The kind of energy you have in the morning will be different than that in the evening. Your task is to identify those periods when you feel the most active, fresh, and energetic. After identifying this you need to schedule the preparations in such a way that the complex topics that demand more understanding and deep thinking are done earlier. You will fail to revise the arduous topics when you are feeling sleepy or lazy. Dedicate the best and high-energy periods to difficult topics. 

Is the peak energy period the same for all?

A common conception that exists among several students is that studying in the morning is better. You are fully fresh when you wake up and not exhausted. This thought process applies to eating: study after eating a hefty meal. See when you feel fatigued your mind will fail to keep up with the cognitive load. You’ll fail to prepare well for the SSC exam. It would cause distress and anxiety. The peak energy can differ from individual to individual. This is why it’s dangerous to get behind the wheel while you’re sleepy, and why we sometimes experience brief periods of sleepiness when we’re feeling tiresome. Hence, whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, it’s important to pay attention to how fresh you are and devote more time to studying the more challenging (and dull!) ideas while you’re awake and more time to the simpler activities when you’re feeling low.

Use a strategy called spaced repetition

Having it tough to revise an extremely boring subject? Use this spaced repetition method. A technique that is nearly 2 centuries old and was formulated by a popular psychologist. He wanted to put the information in his mind using two methods- doing rot learning to grasp the studies for 8 hours and constantly studying the same topic for only an hour a day over 3 days. He concluded that he could learn and remember just as much material using either method. The sensible decision is to spread it out over a longer time frame and do less research. By doing tasks at staggered intervals, you might potentially save time. To get the best coaching for the SSC exams join top institutes like PBI Institute.

Summing it up

We all know well that the SSC syllabus is extensive and endless. So many subjects need to be covered in a brief period of time. We hope the unique pointers stated above will help you plan your SSC exam preparations in a much better way. 

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