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Learn a way to treat and prevent sand flea bites

There’s now not anything like an afternoon on the seaside right here in South Carolina. The sun, the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves – who might also need to ask for extra? But even the satisfactory seaside excursion can be spoiled by pink, itchy, painful sand flea bites. Think you may have encountered sand fleas at the seashore? Worried you can deliver them domestic with you? Keep studying to examine more about a way to prevent sand flea bites and a way to cope with sand flea bites.

What Are Sand Fleas?

Unlike commonplace fleas, sand fleas are not honestly bugs. Rather, sand fleas are small crab-like crustaceans. These creatures are determined in coastal regions, in which they live within the sand in the same way because the not unusual flea lives in the fur of animals.

You can get some more knowledge how to get rid of sand fleas

Sand fleas are frequently flawed for other biting or stinging insects, together with the common flea species located on dogs and cats. While sand fleas are best located at the beach, other biting bugs can infest your private home and regularly require the assist of a professional pest manipulate business enterprise. If you suspect you’ll be dealing with any other biting insect in your home, check out our on line insect identity guide for assist with identity. When doubtful, contact domestic pest manipulate professionals for assistance.

Sand Flea Identification And Behavior

Identifying sand fleas may be difficult, as they will be typically microscopic in length. Rather than noticing sand fleas in time to keep away from being bitten, it is more likely that you’ll be bitten through sand fleas without ever noticing them. These crustaceans are small and brown (in the sand they live in), with a tough exoskeleton and the capacity to leap up to 15 inches.

Sand fleas are commonly determined on beaches, in coastal regions, and in sandy marshes. They can also be determined in barren region areas. Here in South Carolina, they’re commonly located across the coast.

Not all sand fleas will chunk and feed on humans, but those who do can reason painful, itchy bites. They burrow inside the sand like a normal flea, subsequently touchdown on human pores and skin and causing an uncomfortable chew. Sand fleas are most lively around sunrise and dusk, due to this you’re most probable to get bitten if you visit the seashore sooner or later of these instances of day.

Sand flea bites look like not unusual flea bites. They frequently gift as small, pink, raised bumps on the pores and pores and skin, maximum normally placed underneath the knee. They are normally discovered at the calves, shins, ankles and toes.

How To Avoid Sand Flea Bites

One of the nice procedures to keep away from sand flea bites is to visit the beach on the right time of day. Going to the seashore inside the early morning or past due evening will growth the possibilities that you will grow to be with sand flea bites. On the alternative hand, sand fleas are least energetic inside the route of the day. By keeping off the seaside round dawn and dusk, you’re tons much less possibly to get bitten thru sand fleas. Cool, wet situations moreover increase sand flea pastime. As a end result, it’s nice to avoid the beach proper now after it rains to lessen your possibilities of being bitten. Windy days can also reduce the threat of sand flea bites.

If you discover your self at the seashore while it is cool and wet, or if you’re spending time at the beach round dawn or nightfall, do your quality to maintain transferring. Sitting or mendacity at the sand makes you an smooth target for bites. Do your first-rate to maintain your feet, ankles and decrease legs included, if feasible.

Commercial insect sprays and repellents can assist thrust back some forms of sand fleas, even though they’re now not effective toward they all.

How To Treat Sand Flea Bites

Sand flea bites may be tremendously itchy and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives with regards to treatment.

First and major, do your first-rate to withstand the urge to scratch the sand flea bite. Scratching will similarly irritate your pores and skin, and immoderate scratching can increase your possibilities of developing a pores and pores and skin contamination.

Over-the-counter anti-itch lotions containing hydrocortisone can help lessen contamination and reduce itching. Some humans discover that aloe vera gel is cooling and soothing to bites, even as others have positioned achievement in lowering itching with colloidal oatmeal baths.

While sand flea bites are normally little greater than an uncomfortable nuisance, be sure to are seeking out scientific hobby if you suspect you are having an allergy. Talk to a medical doctor if you’re involved that one or extra bites might also moreover have turn out to be inflamed.

Home Pest Control: Your Home Pest Resource

When it includes sand fleas, there is right news: They aren’t capable of infesting your property. So whilst you may end up with sand flea bites after a day on the seashore, you do not have to fear about a sand flea infestation.

If you’re experiencing bites at domestic, however, you may need to strive a unique approach. Professionals at Home Pest Control. Our professionals have the statistics and experience necessary to help you discover any pests found in your home, and we can format a custom pest manipulate method to rid your house of insects.

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