How To Validate a Business Product Idea the Right Way?

Standing out from the crowd is critical in a world where everything is available in the spur of the moment. It is midway between the best and the mediocre. The most successful companies in the world beat the competition by being customer and innovation-focused.

Companies must highlight a need with every product they construct.

And if it does not, the product may be a failure. It is a thumb rule that creating a need for a product is trickier than presenting a product as a solution to the customer’s existing problems.

For example, in 2013, Google launched Google Glass. It was one of the most hyped products and a sincere flop in the market. Google recreated a glass out of sci-fi movies to show the vision. But why did it fail? The reason is – it does not solve a problem. 

One can do without knowing about Google Glass. As he did not miss anything, nor did the product help reduce the time in worldly tasks. Google never validates the existence and need for the same among individuals. It could not answer the purpose of the product. And that’s where it failed.

Product validation is hence one needs to decipher the need for the same in a market. Whether you are a budding startup or an established firm, product validation will help you analyse and understand whether the customer is interested in your idea.

The blog states some strategies to validate a product idea for a successful launch.

What Does Product Idea Validation Imply?

Idea validation is a specific process to check a product or idea’s viability in the existing world or market setup. It is a framework to make quick, painless, and informed judgments about your idea.

It will help you understand whether you should go ahead with the idea or not. It limits your risks of suffering a massive loss of product failure at the market scale. It helps you get answers to questions like:

  • Does my product cater to a specific problem?
  • Is there a need for it in the current market?
  • Is product development possible?
  • Are there any risks of failure of the same in the market?

Getting answers to questions like these helps a businessman develop a product prototype both from the technical and business lens.

It calls for a detailed market and audience needs inspection. Validation is not just about the brand idea but also helps test brand logos, slogans, messages, or branding.

Strategies to Validate a product concept in the best way

The most important reasons to validate a business idea are to save money and effort later in product development and launch.

The further you go through the investigation, the more costs will increase. And hence it is critical to experiment early and develop a product that the world needs.

Here are some strategies to validate a product idea for a successful launch:

1)      Get around 5 potential users to get feedback

If you are launching your market idea for the first time, validate your startup idea by asking your users out. Get around 5 users and ask them to provide feedback on your product.

Getting reviews from 5-10 users to get honest feedback about your product is usually sufficient. It will help you decide whether to change the product or message or abandon the idea.

2)      Analyse your competitors before the launch

You can carry out impactful research by answering these questions:

  • Are the customers happy with the product you want to present?
  • Are competitors successful in creating the need for the same?
  • What is the pricing policy of your competitors?
  • What additional value can you add to the existing product? What goes missing in the competitor’s product?

Having answers to these questions will help you analyse the gaps to address them with the most proficient solution. Analyse if the customers are fine with using your competitor’s products; how can you provoke them to make this shift to yours?

You can make their transit to your products by improving the user experience, providing something as an add-on benefit, working on the speed or website bandwidth, etc.

3)      Analyse the discussions going online

If you are unsure about th product idea validation, resort to forums and online platforms like – LinkedIn and Facebook groups to learn the thing. It lists the reviews and discussions from the brand and customers.

Analyse the comment section to help you grab customers’ pain points using a product.

On LinkedIn, you may get more reliable and industry-savvy opinions. These reviews, ideas, and discussions will help you groom your product best.

For more research, you can analyse Quora’s answers. It helps you analyse the exact thing the people are struggling with and the things they are interested in.

Reddit is also the best place to search your answers to your product validation stages.

Researching these many platforms will help you create customer personas for your product and identify the pain point and desires to rule out the best product. These ideas will help you define your USP and brand story.

4)      Build and test your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP is an efficient way to test your product idea viability. As you progress toward product development, you must keep a tab on every aspect.

Analyse how you can incorporate the best version of user feedback into the product. Keeping a tab over everything using a product management tool is essential. Thus, using the tool, you can develop the simplest version of the product for your customers to use.

If you lack the capital potential to invest and do not want to miss the opportunity to cater to the best of your customers, tap long term loans for bad credit for your needs. Leverage the finance today and re-design the product incorporating the best capabilities. A good business idea sells, and the best one sets a statement.

Bottom line

These are some strategies to validate a product idea for a successful launch.

Around 8 of 10 products fail because they cannot validate the product viability. Companies must ensure that the business idea aligns well with their target audience.

It is done by jumping onto something that has no value.

You must align your business idea with customers. Additional research about products, customers, and competitors will help you launch the best product for customers.

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