Swift codes UAE Banks are the key to your nearest banks 

Swift codes UAE Banks

Coding is the fundamental demand of recent days, coding is a technique that is used to specify some restrictions due to security purposes. Coding is a combination of various characters that are mixed for some specific safety purpose. When we talk about the SWIFT Codes, these codes are also designed for the same purpose. The term “ SWIFT” is a short form of “society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications”. It means, this term has a deep connection with the banking system and our major topic is also about the SWIFT codes UAE Banks.  

These codes reveal specific information related to the banking structure of the UAE. In which, the basic info is mixed up with other info of all banks. For example, these codes comprise various small alphabetical letters and numbers including the bank’s code with exact location, country, and branch number. You will find all these things in the form of a specific visible code, through that code, you will reach the exact location of the bank. This article will elaborate on the importance of these SWIFT codes UAE banks about the banking network throughout the UAE.  

How important these codes are in the banking network and what are their advantages?  

  • High level of security  

The main reason behind the creation of such codes is to provide a high level security to the banking system of the UAE. There can be lots of reasons behind this coding scheme but the most prominent is the security motive. Now the people of UAE feel so safe and secure about any kind of transactions and other financial matters. Nobody can take any kind of private info and people can reach their exact location via using these bank codes. They will not face any hardship in searching the specific bank around them.  

  • Safe transformation of Money 

The other reason is the safest transactions of the people in UAE. which means the code will create a protective shield around their private financial matters and personal transactions. It is considered the safest way to transact money all around the UAE, so you will not have to worry about your money because it will reach out to the exact destination safely due to these specific codes.   

  • Manageable and simple Identification  

These codes are not only good for the people of UAE but it will be also effortless work for the management team of financial institutions. The main reason behind it, is the simplicity and easily understandable ability of  SWIFT Codes UAE Banks. These codes are not in such language that can’t be understand by staff but these are easy to use by the staff of banks within the UAE. You just have to be careful about the miss matching of these codes because a single number or alphabet can change its location and branch number. So be careful about these codes while reading and writing.  

Few Examples related to SWIFT Codes of UAE Banks 

These are some examples of  SWIFT codes, through these categories you will be able to understand them more easily.  

  • The code of Abu Dhabi commercial bank is ADCBAEAA, this bank has various branches in UAE and this code is the branch of Abu Dhabi city.  
  • Similarly, The Bank of Sharjah code is SHARAEAS, this bank is located in the city of Sharjah, UAE.  
  • Another example is the branch of the commercial bank of Dubai, its code is CBDUAEADADH, this branch is in the city of Abu Dhabi. By applying these SWIFT Codes UAE banks you can get easy access to specific branches of UAE banks.  

Dubai Bank SWIFT Codes


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