How To Calculate the Area Of An Irregular-Shaped Piece Of Land?

While buying a piece of land, it is quite improbable that you will come across an exact square or a rectangular plot. Most of the times it would be an irregularly shaped piece of land. That should not make measuring the plot area any difficult.

Nevertheless, you can still calculate the exact area in your preferred unit of measurement – thanks to the land area conversion calculator application that does all the complex maths on your behalf. But when you do want to exercise your brain muscles and understand the fundamental formula behind an irregularly shaped area calculation, you must read on. 

Ways to calculate irregular land area according to their shapes

A few basic and essential formulas to calculate area for any shape of land are: 

  • Irregular triangular plots or lands

Individuals can use this formula to calculate plots of triangles that have two equal sides or three unequal sides. 

Area of triangle = √s(s-a) (s-b) (s-c)

Where s = semi-perimeter and a, b, and c is the value of the three sides of a triangle

  • Trapezium-shaped lands or plots

By using the general formula of trapezium, one can evaluate the area – 

Area of a trapezium = 0.5 × sum of two parallel lines) × height

Now, to calculate height (h) in this case, individuals can opt for two ways. Firstly, they can measure it in the field directly or evaluate it using the Pythagoras theorem. 

  • Irregular quadrilateral shaped lands or plots 

In the case of an irregular quadrilateral shaped land, one can say that it is an uneven rectangular shaped land with four sides of unequal length. Then, to mortgage this land, one has to calculate its area, and for that, he/she has to divide this plot into two triangular fields and then add the areas of those. This can be done by using the formula of triangles provided above. 

  • Irregular polygonal lands or plots

Irregular polygon shaped land has multiple sides with unequal lengths. Area of such plots can be calculated by dividing the total area into triangular plots. Individuals can calculate the area of these triangles separately using the above formula and then add these to find the total area.

Now that you have calculated the area, it’s time to buy it!

Based on the above formulas, individuals can deduce the area of any land shape and then probably go ahead and apply for a home loan or a loan against property if they are interested in buying it. But, before applying, they must ensure to check lender-specific information such as eligibility criteria and document requirements. Besides this, borrowers should understand the loan application process, and for that, they can visit the lender’s official website.

‘Loan against property’ might be a good option

It is no secret that buying a property is undoubtedly a costly affair for some. Hence, a loan against property can be a profitable option, so knowing everything about a loan against property can significantly simplify availing this financial product. Also, it is important to note that calculating plot area is one of the primary tasks before applying for a loan against property. This way, lending institutions can process a request fast and can also provide optimum value for a property. 

If you know the exact area, you know the exact loan amount

Pre-calculating an area can easily help a borrower estimate the loan amount. Although in most cases, lenders will verify from their end, producing details about a property is highly preferable. Potential borrowers should visit the official website of their preferred lender for more details. Also, they must note the documents needed to apply for a loan against property and additional eligibility parameters.

Using an online area converter tool can offer several benefits, including:

unit of area to another without the need for manual calculations. This can save you time and effort, especially if you need to convert multiple measurements.

Accuracy 100%

Online area converter tools are programmed with accurate formulas and algorithms that ensure precise conversions. This can eliminate the possibility of errors that can occur when converting units manually.


An online area converter tool is typically free and can be used by anyone with an internet connection. This makes it accessible to anyone who needs to convert units of area, regardless of their location or financial situation.


Online area converter tools are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making them a convenient option for people who need to convert units while on the go.

If you are looking to apply for loan against property, you should know that a few financial institutions also provide pre-approved offers for current borrowers. These offers can simplify the loan processing procedure to make it hassle-free. Apart from LAP, these offers are available on various financial products, such as home loans. Prospective borrowers can enter their personal information, such as name and contact number, to check their pre-approved offers.


To conclude, knowing a few basic formulas is one of the best ways to calculate the plot area. Also, individuals can use a land converter to change their measured area unit to the desired area unit. This will help them understand how much loan they can get by mortgaging the chosen plot of land.

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