A new version of Dunia Finance Loan is outstanding and extraordinary

Dunia Finance Loan

Dunia finance is prevailing and serving their financial assistance to all for many years. The establishment year of this financial company in UAE was 1968, in starting it was just a simple finance company with various services. But now it is much modified and turned into the latest version of named “Deem finance”. The major purpose of this company is still the same but the latest version consists of more advanced services. The company introduced new techniques and methods to manage all financial matters accurately. Now everybody knows Dunia finance with its new name deem finance.

Deem is offering an amazing range of products and services to the citizens with accuracy. In its product range, you may find many products, for example, variations in Dunia finance loans, with addition of credit cards range etc. various account opening services, and insurance policies with several authentic offers are also a major part of Dunia finance. We are going to disclose the product of deem named personal loan, with all its specialties and requirements for application. Hope this study will be beneficial for you in terms of knowledge.

Qualities connected with Dunia finance personal loan

· Simple authorization

The most important thing is to provide a method that is the most reliable and easy to handle. Dunia finance is working with this simple confirmation technique for loans. No worries at all, your loan will be approved very soon and quickly.

· Minus salary conversion

Deem is giving the option to their users to avoid their salary conversion method directly. Now the consumers can choose the installment method according to their wish. Because most people do not want such an automatic transformation of their income, they think it is not suitable for them.

· Dividend ratios

The ratio of dividend or interest will depend upon your loan and the duration of repayment. But usually, the Dunia finance personal loan interest rates are both constant and variable. These rates are not only for nationals but for expats also.

· Easy strategy

The procedure for applying is not comprised of hard and fast rules, it is the most simplest way to apply. you will not confront with long paperwork and the other long interviews with the deem staff. If you do not want to come here in deem place, so no issue at all. Let’s apply via the online accessible sources and use the online application form to fill out the details.

· Elastic reimbursement Duration

The period associated with repayments is elastic and adjustable for all residents and non-residents. There will be almost 3 to 4 years of reimbursement duration, the real duration always depends on the form of a loan. If the loan is not too long, the duration will be according to it, but the maximum limit is about 4 years.

Dunia finance personal loan interest rates

Another most asked question from the natives and expats is about the interest rate. So the answer is so simple and easy, deem is working with both interest rates of personal loan. The fixed adjusted rate and the fluctuated rate, both are consists of the same ratio for natives. The people of UAE, whether they are ex-pats or residents can avail loans on the same ratio. The fixed ratio will be about 11%, on the other hand, the fluctuated ratio will be up to 20% on the Dunia finance loan. So, now you do not have to worry about the rates and just apply for a loan without any hesitation.

Criteria for eligibility

· Salary

The requirement of salary in deem finance is not too much high, anyone having the salary of 5000 AED can easily get deem personal loan in UAE.

· Specific papers

The next thing is the arrangement of specific papers about your private and professional information. You need to assemble pay slips of 3 to 4 months, experience certificate of job, business, or trading registration certificate.

· Age factor

The mentioned range of age is between 21 to 65 years.

· Old credit record

The previous record or your credit history matters a lot, the bank will surely check the old data about credit or bank statements. Make sure your data should be well managed and accurate.

· Any type of license

If you have any type of licenses like a trading or driving license, so it should also be attached with the form.

· Copies

Expats should attach all copies of visas, passports, and the ID Emirates.

Branches of Dunia Finance in UAE

The Deem branches are scattered all over the UAE including the all-famous Emirates in UAE. You will find all these branches on the internet also, the following are the names of deem branches.

· Deem branch in Dubai

· Ajman branch of deem

· Dunia finance personal loan Abu Dhabi


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