6 Ways to Rebrand on Social Media

The best thing you can do when rebranding your social media accounts? Start by learning more about your target audience. What do they like? How are they likely to interact with your content? And what type of brand impression will they have after seeing your profile and interacting with your posts? These are just some of the questions that need answers before you make any big changes to your social media profiles, but luckily there are plenty of other methods you can use to make sure you’re getting the most out of your rebranding efforts.

In other words, a rebrand should be about reaching your audience, not making yourself feel better. If your social media presence is just starting to feel a little tired, then you probably need a brand refresh rather than a rebrand.

Rebranding is always a big revolution in the development of your company. Your stakeholders and customers need to understand why it happens and what they can expect afterwards. Needless to say, rebranding is a big challenge but also a big opportunity to build a stronger position in the market with a new robust image.

Here are 6 ways to rebrand on social media:

1) Decide Which Platforms You Need

Before deciding what kind of social media presence, you want, you need to evaluate which platforms are right for your brand. Is Facebook something that will be helpful? Maybe Pinterest is more important to your brand’s growth. Digital Marketing Checklist Services depends on which platforms and apps will be most useful for connecting with new customers and promoting brand awareness. If you’re looking for help deciding, check out HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Marketing report. It contains data from over 1,300 marketers about their use of inbound marketing tactics; it might give you some insight into where your business should focus first.

2) Brand Into the Future

A successful social media rebrand is all about taking a step back and asking yourself: How do you want your brand to come across to your customers, members, or supporters? What kind of voice would best represent your business on social media? It’s easy to fall into a rut and send out boring posts that do nothing but tell people what they already know. But rebranding yourself on social media doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are six tips for successfully transforming your social presence

3) Set New Goals

Before rebranding, it’s a good idea to figure out your goals for your social media presence. Do you want to promote your business? Do you want people to contact you with questions? Are you trying to increase awareness of a new product or service? Setting these goals before embarking on a social media rebrand will make it easier to choose what content is best for your overall strategy.

4) Update Post Names

In addition to updating your social media accounts, you need to make sure that your old posts are tagged with your new brand. This is easily done using a tool like Excel. For each of your social media platforms, open a spreadsheet and use one column for each old post name, one column for each new post name, and another column for an X if you’ve already updated it or a – if you haven’t yet. Then plug in all of your old post names into their corresponding columns

5) Audit Your Images

Before you even think about rebranding, take a look at your social media pages. What does your profile picture look like? Are there logos everywhere? Does it read more like a storefront or brand page rather than a personal one? If so, it’s time to start over and approach things with an honest and open mind. Look at other brands that have successfully made their transition to branding via social media; try to see what they did right and how you can improve on what they did wrong.

6) Think about Your Follower Behavior

Did you know that a 2012 study by Princeton’s The Word Network found that 45% of a Twitter user’s followers are bots? In fact, nearly 50% of all retweets on Twitter are from fake accounts. This is one reason why an estimated 20 million fake Facebook accounts will be created by 2015. Before jumping on board with any social media platform, step back and make sure you can commit to your new audience’s behavior.



The phrase building a Types of Brand Names is overused and thrown around without much thought. People fail to realize that it takes effort, hard work, creativity, and thought to do so. Take some time to reflect on what you want your brand image to be. Who are you? What do you stand for?

This will help guide you when creating content for your various social media platforms. Once you have an idea of what type of company you want to present, build a strategic plan for each network that works specifically with your strategy. Taking an honest look at what works and doesn’t work with each platform can truly make or break a business! Be unique! Own it! Stand out from everyone else!

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