For ages, agriculture has been the backbone of the Nigeria economy. As a matter of fact, a lot of countries depend solely on agriculture for sustenance and as the main source of their revenue. The importance of Agriculture in Nigeria can indeed never be over emphasized, especially not only that agriculture serves as sustenance to family holds, source of revenue, it also serves as a means of employment, and its important healthy sustenance and maintenance can never be over emphasized.
The following includes the health benefit of water melon and four foods to fight cancer.

Water melon: the 10 health benefits of water melon includes.
1. Highest Alkalising fruit!
2. Reduces High Blood Pressure

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3. Reduces Heart Disease Risk
4. Reduce Blood Sugar Level
5. HIGH Water Content (92%)

6. Boosts Immune System
7. Fight Cancer
8. Strengthens Bones
9. Cleans Kidneys
10. Produces Energy

There’s an enormous body of research evidence now that shows how ‘medicinal’ mushrooms (shiitake, malitake, cordyceps etc) boost the immune system and fight cancer. Even the button mushroom has cancer fighting ingredients.We have a great review on medicinal mushrooms. Image result for mushrooms
And cherries, aubergines,plums, red grapes-indeed any purple colored fruits and vegetables. They contain anthocyanins (and sometimes also resveratrol). Anthocyanins have been shown to kill cancer cells; Resveratrrol has research Image result for beetrootsupporting its role in fighting certain cancers like blood and brain cancer too.
It is a truly wonderful food. Active ingredients like Allicin seem to act to stop the spread of cancer in a number of ways, for example by stopping blood supply forming for tumors. Garlic also kills microbes and yeasts-after taking drugs and antibiotics the body is often susceptible to these. Image resultGarlic is also anti-inflammatory in the body. It has a number of active ingredient. It contains selenium, tryptophan and sulphur-based active agents that attack cancer cells.
Seven to ten helpings per week, especially cooked. According to Harvard research 7-10 helpings a week cuts prostate symptoms by 40% and has an influence on many cancers e.g: lung; colon,cervix, breast. Lycopene is the prime active ingredient, and 25-40 Mgs the desired daily dose. It is also found in strawberries, peppers,carrots and peaches, but one tin of tomato soup has 65mgs alone. Lycopene helps reduce ‘bad’ fat levels in the blood stream and is a string anti-oxidant.tomato


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