The Federal Government, at the weekend, said the intractable clashes between herdsmen and farmers may not end soon. It explained that permanent solutions to the conflicts required a lot of planning and funds, which was lacking at the moment.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, who disclosed this in Abuja, noted that government was not leaving any stone unturned in its commitment to engender an ecosystem where everybody would live peacefully, devoid of clashes and killings.

He stated that the National Conference on the Transformation of Nigerian Livestock Industry, holding in Abuja from tomorrow, was one of the creative approaches to finding lasting solutions to the issue.

He pointed out that the situation became deplorable because of the total abandonment of the livestock sub-sector over the years.

“I can’t give you a date when the conflicts will end but I can give you a date when the conference will end. I can give you a date and I will, when implementation begins. And we will start as soon as possible.

“To solve this problem requires a great deal of planning and expenditure. You can’t think that after one meeting, then recommendations come, you want to solve the problem; you don’t have all the funds at once, because this is a problem that has been with us for quite a while, it’s just growing and getting worse.


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