The biggest enemy in life is ourselves. We need to fight and hustle our way out in life, because real legends are born in valley of wars and challenges.
Listen, challenges makes you stronger, you need to face it with boldness and actions, because it is preparing you for greatness in future, challenges gives you a BALANCE in life, which everyone needs a BALANCE in life
Everything too fast is not good, but too slow is also not good, you need a BALANCE.


So, that is why you need to see challenges as a good thing, because it strengthens you, it is your challenges that the world will fails in love with, nobody wants to hear the story of the man that was given everything, people want to hear the stories of men and women that endured pain and turned their challenges into a gift, DO YOU WANT PEOPLE JUST TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU? OR DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO LOOK UP TO YOU? DO YOU WANT TO BE A LEGEND? Because LEGENDS are born in the valley of challenges, you are greater than anything that has happened to you, FEAR is only fictional movie but REALITY is a CHALLENGE, REALITY IS THE CHALLENGE, so take the CHALLENGE and change your REALITY, because the whole time you were thinking that your challenges was holding you back, it was really giving you the tools to become one of the greatest, No more second guessing, No more blaming others, for the problems that you have in your life is preparing you for a new blessings. This is my advice to everyone, YOUR STRUGGLE AND CHALLENGES IS YOUR GIFT.


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