Don’t just exist, live life, because life is waiting on the evidence of your presence on this earth.

My dear brothers and sisters, what will be the evidence that you were on this earth?

What will be the proof that you came this way (earth)? It is very disheartening and traumatic that people will come on this earth and leave, still nobody will know that the came this (way).

Let me remind you today, Jesus died at the age of 33 and even Martin Luther King Jr. Died at the age of 39, this great legends did not live for so long before they died, but they still live on today because of their selfless service to make this earth a better place for mankind.

But still there are men that have live up to 100 years that have gone and gone forever.

My brothers and sisters lets learn how to live life and not just to exist, and we can only do that by “starting small with great passion while thinking big”.

QUOTE ME, all of us can all live great in this life, only if we can learn how to do small things with great passion.

Thank you for reading and meet you at the top.


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